Normal Conditions

Colorado School of Mines is operating normally. During a campus emergency, Mines will post announcements and updates on this webpage.

Emergency Contact Information

Dial 911 to reach Mines Public Safety or Golden Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services

Emergency Updates

Emergency Information will be shared via the Mines Emergency Alert System, the Mines website and social media channels.

Leaks and Spills

For hazardous materials incidents (leaks and spills) call the EHS Department at (303) 273-3316. This number is monitored by EHS personnel on a 24/7/365 basis.

The Environmental Health and Safety Department provides a chemical spill cleanup service. Lab personnel are encouraged to seek assistance from the EHS Department if leaks or spills are detected. There is no penalty for reporting a spill.

Other Emergency Contact Information
Mines Public Safety Office 911 or 303-273-3333
Golden Fire Department 911 or 303-384-8094
Golden Police Department 911 or 303-384-8045
Ambulance (AMR) 911 or 303-357-2000
Jefferson County Sheriff 911 or 303-277-0211
WEST METRO FIRE (Fire and Adams/Jeffco HazMat) 303-989-4307 (24 hours)
JEFFCO Emergency Preparedness Office
After hours call Jefferson County Sheriff
303-271-4900 (office hours)
Clear Creek County Sheriff (Dispatch) 911 or 303-679-2376
CDPHE Environmental Emergency Response Line (Spills) 1-877-518-5608 (24 hours)
CDPHE Radiation Control Division (for rad release) 303-877-9757 (24 hours)
CDPHE Emergency Preparedness and Response Division 303-692-2030 (office hours)
National Response Ctr. (for oil & chemical spill reporting) 1-800-424-8802
Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center 303-739-1100
Chemical Transportation Emergency Center/Emergency #
Customer Service Department

Emergency Resources