The following message was sent to all Mines faculty and graduate students on 3/26/20:

Over the past several days, we have learned of multiple instances of confusion regarding what on-campus research activities are allowed under the research plans that were submitted/approved last week.  In particular, we are extremely concerned about students and faculty feeling compelled to work in conditions that are not being effectively managed to COVID-19 health guidance, as well as regular lab safety rules.  Therefore, we have decided to take a more restrictive approach to on-campus research and ask that you suspend (safely) all on-campus research (laboratories, computer rooms, etc.) immediately.

If you believe you have a compelling research-related reason to be on campus, please fill out and send the attached Excel form directly to Dean Mike Kaufman (for CH, CBE, CS, EE, ME, MME, and PH), Dean John Bradford (for AMS, CEE, GE, GP, MN, and PE), or Dean Kevin Moore (for EB, EDS, and HASS), with cc to your Department Head and – if you are a student – your advisor.  The information requested is very similar to what many of you submitted previously so you should already have the information at hand, but going forward we specifically ask that students submit their own requests rather than having their advisors do so on their behalf.

We will consider the requests on a case by case basis.  Our process is consistent with the Governor’s latest Public Health Order (attached, higher education sections highlighted); we will re-assess after April 11, or as additional government rules and guidance are announced.