Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

Recently the Federal government issued an executive order and subsequent guidance on COVID safety protocols for Federal contractors. Universities across the country are changing policies and practices to meet these new requirements. Because Mines receives research and other federal funding, we are subject to these new safety protocols – regardless of whether an individual or specific facility at Mines is being supported by a federal contract.

As a result, Mines will be expanding our mask requirements beyond classrooms to all indoor spaces, with limited exceptions noted in the new mask policy below.

Revised Mask Policy (Effective Monday, November 1, 2021) 

All individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face mask in indoor spaces at Colorado School of Mines with exceptions as noted below. Examples of indoor spaces where masks are required include, but are not limited to, classrooms, hallways and stairways, conference rooms, teaching and research laboratories, library and other communal study areas, shared workspaces, common areas, Mines Rover, and any other indoor places designated by signage.


Masks are not required in the following facilities or situations:

  • Indoor spaces that are not publicly accessible (e.g., residence halls and other controlled access facilities, private offices and other private spaces when a vaccinated individual is alone, etc.).
  • While actively eating meals or drinking.  Please note that eating is not permitted during classroom instruction.  Drinking is permitted in classrooms but masks may only be removed while actively consuming the beverage.
  • Vaccinated instructional faculty may choose to not wear a mask while they are actively engaging in indoor instructional activity and are separated by at least 6 feet from the nearest person.
  • Vaccinated researchers who are engaged in laboratory work and who are either alone or separated by at least 6 feet from the nearest person in their lab. Researchers should have a mask ready to put on when a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained.
  • Vaccinated individuals when alone in a shared space such as a cubicle bank, conference room or study room. Individuals should have a mask ready to put on when another person enters the shared space.
  • The Student Recreation Center, Motion Lab, Volk Gymnasium, Steinhauer Field House, and other Mines Athletics facilities where individuals engage in high intensity activities.
  • Individuals who have a medically approved accommodation because of a disability as authorized by Disability Support Services (for students) and Human Resources (for employees), are exempt from this requirement.
  • Emergency responders who are actively engaged in a public safety response activity, including law enforcement personnel, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel, are exempt from this requirement.
  • Individuals who are asked to temporarily remove their face covering for identification purposes as part of a particular service requiring legal identification should do so.

Thanks to our community’s efforts and positive response to our COVID vaccination requirement Mines has fared very well this semester in our return to “almost normal” for the Fall semester.  The mask policy is being revised in response to the new requirements and guidance issued by the Federal government. We do not anticipate any additional changes this semester but will continue to monitor health orders and guidance from Federal, State and local authorities.

Upon entering this academic year, Mines committed to have fully in-person classes, collaborative research, active student clubs and orgs, and a complete suite of athletic competitions.  With your continued efforts to keep our community healthy by adhering to all COVID safety and health protocols we know we all will continue to be safe and successful.

Best regards,


Peter Han

Chief of Staff, President’s Office