MAPS is still working hard to support campus – our entire team is currently working and ready to assist you. Email any questions to

Invoice Payments
Invoices entered through the Mines Help Center will be processed daily. We have team members available to run and mail out checks to vendors each Tuesday. This is a great time to encourage vendors to be set up on E-Payables, which continue to run daily. Vendors may also opt to be set up with ACH payments. The vendor will need to send us the ACH information on official company letterhead, and the information will need to be independently verified by one of our team members through the vendor’s bank or accounts receivable contact.

Chrome River and One Cards 
Our team is available to assist with creating reports in Chrome River, allocating charges and answering questions regarding travel. One Card applications will still be processed and links for training rolled out to new employees. Please note: Picking up One Cards will be delayed until we are no longer operating a virtual campus. We may be available for appointments on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. if there is an urgent matter.

Payroll/Human Resources 
We will continue with the normal timeline of March’s payroll schedule for deadlines and payroll processing. Our team is available to assist with any HR/payroll transactions, such as index changes, payroll redistributions, etc. Continue to submit requests as usual through the Mines Help Center. We are monitoring communications and responding to outside requests for employment verifications and other HR/payroll-related inquiries. Our team will continue to process any benefits-related transactions.

New Hires 
Limited staff will be available in the MAPS office from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays to process new-hire paperwork by appointment only. Anyone offered a start date that begins during the operation of our virtual campus and would like to come in to complete their paperwork or turn in documents should email to make an appointment. Instructions about the process, following all health and safety guidelines, will be provided.