Global Energy Future Initiative Membership

  GEFI Member Annual Benefits



All Access Founding
= $500K


Limited Founding
– One Hub
= $250K


Sponsored Research
= $50K


Industry Affiliate
= $50K

  Annual Research Forum Participation




  Access to Reports and Data




  Participation in workshops, seminars and webinars




  Access to Technical Experts and Faculty




  Student Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives




  Participate in Research 




  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem




  Technical Liaison



  GEFI Board Representation



  Access to all Industry Affiliate Programs



Research and Data

Access to Mines’ applied knowledge and data-driven approach to shape a net-zero energy future


Come together with the top minds from academia, industry, government and civil society to support global energy decision-makers


Invest in teaching the future energy leaders across the energy system at the intersection of science, technology and policy

Interdisciplinary Excellence

Leverage Mines’ broad technical expertise throughout the energy system to create a comprehensive understanding of future energy opportunities and challenges

Collaborations and Partnerships

Join stakeholders throughout the energy system working together to advance the common good

For more information about joining the Mines Global Energy Future Initiative at the Colorado School of Mines, please contact our Deputy Director, Gregory Clough, at

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