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Colorado School of Mines has research faculty working in every area critical to the energy transition.

Mines Global Energy Future Initiative (GEFI) leverages this breadth of expertise to build and grow a strong network of researchers, industry professionals, government agencies, alumni, and students, all focused on the biggest challenges facing the energy sector today.

The most creative, innovative, and impactful solutions come when we meet at the intersection of our expertise in Low Carbon & Renewables, Carbon Capture & Sequestration, Clean Water Innovation, Minerals & Metals, Oil & Gas, Supply Chain Transparency, Environmental Sustainability, and Economics, Policy, and Resiliency.

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Mines Global Energy Future Innovation Forum: November 2, 2023

“Risk management in CCUS – how can public water data help?”
Professor Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Geology and Geological Engineering

“Testing the limits of safe CO2 storage underground”
Dorothy Kanini Mwanzia, Geophysics PhD student

“From Crude to Clean: How Oil & Gas Experts Can Ignite a Global Geothermal Revolution”
Associate Professor Luis Zerpa, Petroleum Engineering

“Solving Hydrogen’s Biggest Challenge – Transportation”
Associate Professor Brian Trewyn, Chemistry


“New Energy Security Risks and How to Safeguard the Grid”
Eliza Hotchkiss, Advanced Energy Systems PhD student

“Mine tailings are not waste – here’s why”
Associate Professor Reza Hedayat, Civil and Enviromental Engineering

Mines Global Energy Future Innovation Forum: September 7, 2022

“The Simpsons Got Something Wrong?! Let’s talk about nuclear waste”
Professor Jenifer Shafer, Chemistry


“How we’re changing the future of concrete with biochar “
Assistant Professor Lori Tunstall, Civil & Environmental Engineering

“What’s the most commonly reported risk from mining companies? Water stress”
Professor Kamini Singha, Geology & Geological Engineering

“Monitoring Methane Emissions on Oil and Gas Facilities”
Associate Professor Dorit Hammerling, Applied Mathematics and Statistics

“What are our options for responsible critical mineral supply?”
Associate Professor Elizabeth Holley, Mining Engineering

“Polymer Based Membranes to Accelerate and Transform the Electrification of Everything”
Professor Andy Herring, Chemical and Biological Engineering

“Petroleum Engineering: Part of the Climate Solution!”
Professor Jennifer Miskimins, Petroleum Engineering

“A creative, sustainable solution for mine pollution around the world”
Associate Professor Rennie Kaunda, Mining Engineering

“How to scale up clean energy technology in low-income areas”
Associate Professor Ian Lange, Economics and Business

“How to build community acceptance into a net zero energy future”
Professor Jessica Smith, Engineering, Design, & Society

“Plastic Waste – A Resource Waiting to be Mined?”
Assistant Professor Mike McGuirk, Chemistry


“New Tricks for Old Dogs: Earth Abundant Materials Enabled for Carbon Capture through Nanostructuring”
Professor Ryan Richards, Chemistry

“From Water and Electricity to Green Hydrogen”
Associate Professor Neal Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering

“Cleaning mining-impacted water with nature-based solutions”
Professor Jonathan (Josh) Sharp, Civil & Environmental Engineering

“Getting to Net-Zero”
Professor Manika Prasad, Geophysics



“We Lead, Others Follow: Sustainability and ESG”
Teaching Professor Linda Battalora, Petroleum Engineering

“How Can We Make Supply Chains Resilient and Transparent”
Professor Sebnem Düzgün, Mining Engineering

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