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About University Honors and Scholars

University Honors and Scholars programs (UHS) foster an experiential Mines+ education. At Mines, our brand of honors and scholars experiences are student-centered, inclusive communities not confined by GPA or having had access to accelerated courses in high school. Here, we apply interdisciplinary education and an inherent curiosity to explore the world in order to cultivate a signature student experience within and beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom.

All Mines students are eligible to apply to UHS programs.

University Honors and Scholars

Our Programs

First Year Honors class

First-Year Honors

Take an interdisciplinary approach to your STEM education with First-Year Honors. Engage in complex discussions, analyze ethical issues in the context of design, seek new perspectives in problem solving, and gain the skills and confidence to innovate and explore. 

Colorado School of Mines students working on laptops in the library

McBride Honors Program

The McBride Honors Program has provided an exceptional, interdisciplinary humanities education for over forty years. Our students take unique classes that emphasize critical and creative experiential learning, design their own practicum project, and connect with an engaged community while earning an honors minor in Public Affairs.

Teacher and Student

Teach@Mines Program

Interested in teaching? Now is the time to earn your Colorado teacher license and keep it for life! Teach@Mines offers licensure, a minor in Teaching, an MS in STEM Education and for those who want to major in teaching a Design Engineering degree (with a STEM Teaching focus). 

Undergraduate Research Scholars

Undergraduate Research Scholars

Fostering experiential learning by supporting undergraduate student and faculty collaborative research across all academic disciplines at Mines, Undergraduate Research Scholars provides research fellowships for students, hosts professional development events, and showcases student research.

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Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Applying for national and international scholarships can be a gateway to new experiences, new opportunities and new successes. The Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships assists undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni through the entirety of the application process for national and international scholarships and fellowships. 

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Grand Challenges Scholars

Sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), this program prepares students to make an impact on the world’s greatest challenges. Engage in interdisciplinary coursework, internships and leadership opportunities to tackle real-world problems like solar energy and clean drinking water and apply your engineering prowess. 

Student Publications

Why Honors and Scholars Programs?


With 7 programs, UHS has had many events and countless exciting news to share over the years. Check out all our past news and events below!

“Through my Teach@Mines classes, I was paired with a mentor teacher: an outstanding high school computer science/science teacher who in teaches in Littleton Public Schools, the district I teach in now. The Teach@Mines program was the perfect bridge between my previous experience and career goals. “

Gwyneth Ormes, 2023 Teach@Mines Graduate

“My interest in teaching started in high school but was influenced when I spent three years as a resident advisor and a teaching assistant at Mines. I learned so much and knew I wanted to become a teacher through these experiences.”


Dawson Lang, Mines Graduate & Teach@Mines Senior Ambassador

“UHS provides a community of enthusiastic and creative people and it gives them the space to explore their passions with campus resources, something that Undergraduate Research has done for me and for which I will always be eternally grateful for.”

Isabella Fernandes De Oliveira, UHS Student Ambassador & Undergraduate Research Scholar

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Distinctive Pathways

Our mission is to offer academic and cocurricular programming towards degree completion for students seeking opportunities to shape a distinctive pathway that will challenge them, help them grow, build connections, and develop adaptability beyond their technical degrees. Our honors and scholars experiences embolden collaboration across disciplines with diverse people while fostering critical thinking, creativity, leadership, and innovation.

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It calls for change, but also to stay true to our timeless mission, pillars and core values.  MINES@150 leverages our size, location, and history, ensuring that our graduates will continue to be distinctive and highly valued, placing Mines at the frontiers of STEM education, research and innovation, and elevating our status among the world’s top universities.