This year, we celebrated the fifth annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, featuring student research across campus, in-person. Congratulations to the 2022 Undergraduate Research Symposium award winners!

1st | Web-Based Application for Mathematical Model of Blood Coagulation | Author: Julia Eiken, Senior, AMS | Mentor: Dr. Karin Leiderman

2nd | Influence of Titanium on Pitting Corrosion of 304 Stainless Steel | Author: Ashley Galligan, Junior, Chemistry | Mentor: Dr. Terry Lowe

3rd | Understanding Engineering Students’ Experiences with Perceiving and Rationalizing Meritocracy in the Development of Professional Identity | Author: Kylee Shiekh, Senior, AMS | Mentors: Dr. Dean Nieusma, Dr. Qin Zhu, Dr. Stephen Rea

1st | Aging Reduces Dynamic Balance Control as Measured by the Star Excursion Balance Test | Author: Brooklyn Vargas, Junior, ME | Mentors: Ava Segal, Dr. Anne Silverman

2nd | Characterizing Image Diversity in Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Textbooks | Author: Kevin Huang & Sonny Nguyen, Seniors, CBE | Mentor: Dr. Justin Shaffer

2nd | Optimization of Space Nuclear Reactor Shielding Compositions through Computational Analysis | Author: Madeline Hoffmann, Freshman, Physics | Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey King

3rd | Measuring the Surface Roughness of Metal Pipe to Better Understand Its Effect on Gas Hydrate-Solid Adhesion | Author: Bella Chase, Freshman, CBE | Mentors: Dr. Christopher Brock, Dr. Carolyn Koh

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