Curiosity Steen 

Curiosity Steen

Student Worker


Honors and Scholars House
1704 Illinois Street

Originally hailing from Iowa, this fellow considers themself an odd but charming jack-of-all-trades. Micah is a second-year student here at Mines, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science along with the McBride Honors minor in Public Affairs. Additionally, they also hope to pursue a double major in Applied Math and Stats. They are currently involved in OSTEM and Active Minds at Mines.

Beyond their majors, Micah’s range of interests encapsulates a wide variety — creative writing in all its facets, reading (usually fiction), drawing, D&D, space, video games, playing tennis, simply vibing, — a whole lot, really. Lastly, though Micah wholeheartedly loves listening to music (they’re an avid enjoyer of Will Wood), they cannot play an instrument or sing to save their life. Will this change in the future? Who can say, really. If you spot them at the Honors House, feel free to say hello! They’re more than willing to lend a hand if you need something!