Harvey Scholars

Harvey Scholars

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Established in 2009, the Harvey Scholars program attracts standout students with a passion for service. The scholarship’s motto, ‘Pay It Forward’, reflects community values of generosity, gratitude, and concern for others. Programming includes luncheons with donors Hugh and Michelle Harvey, community-wide service activities, off-campus retreats and small group dinners.

The Harvey Scholarship covers full tuition and mandatory fees for eight semesters at Colorado School of Mines. It also includes generous travel and enrichment grants to support scholars’ study abroad programs, research pursuits, and professional development.

“What people remember you for the most may have little to do with what you earned, and much more to do with what you gave away, in some form or another.”

Hugh Harvey '74

Mines Alumnus and Chairman of the Board, Intrepid Potash, Inc.

PASCAL Center Contact:  Luis Sandoval

The Harvey Scholarship Program focuses on ‘paying it forward’. Hugh and Michelle Harvey’s generosity enables Harvey Scholarship recipients to pursue their education. In turn, Harvey Scholars ‘pay forward’ this gift through regular community service, active engagement in the scholarship community, and campus leadership.

More than a financial award, the Harvey Scholarship Program is a tight-knit student community with defined values:

      1. Self-Reflection: Harvey Scholars are self-aware, humble, and curious about others.

      1. Optimism about Mines, Harvey and Future Opportunities: Harvey Scholars are eager to engage with the Mines Campus Community and the Harvey Scholarship Community.

      1. Pay It Forward: Harvey Scholars ‘pay forward’ their scholarship.

      1. Passion for Interests: Harvey Scholars are avid learners with diverse interests, inside and outside of the classroom.

We consider complete applications from in-state and out-of-state first year undergraduate students. If selected, applicants will be invited to interview via Zoom. Twelve scholars will ultimately be selected for the program.  

Competitive applicants for the Harvey Scholarship demonstrate the following dispositions and/or skills: 

  • A demonstrated and meaningful interest in service and philanthropy.
  • A desire to ‘pay it forward’ while at Colorado School of Mines and beyond.
  • Self-awareness and humility.
  • An ability to commit to a tight-knit student community for four years at Mines.
  1. Please watch the 10 year anniversary video (https://youtu.be/qVY5yj5ZXtc) and visit the website (https://harveyscholars.mines.edu/) to further understand the Harvey Scholarship Program’s values.


  2. After visiting the website, please address the prompts specified in the “Application Questions” tab and DO NOT include any personal identifying information (your last name, social media, identifiable business name, etc.). Inclusion of this information will result in the disqualification of your application. 

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Application opens: Nov 15
  • Application Deadline: Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Finalist Interviews: February 10/11, 2024; and February 24/25, 2024

Please address the following prompts:

      • In what ways has adversity touched your life and inspired your personal growth? How do you embody “paying it forward” and intend to pay it forward in the future?  (Min. 600 words; Max. 1,200 words).
      • Which of these pillars do you connect with the most and why? The Harvey Scholar Community aligns with four central pillars: Pay it Forward; Passion for Interest; Excitement for Mines, Harvey, and the Future; and Reflection on Self and Place in the World.  (Min. 150 words; Max. 300 words).
      • Write a message of gratitude to someone or something in your life.  (Min. 150 words; Max. 300 words).
        Please do not include personally identifying information. Acceptable identifying information includes initials, first names, abbreviations, and names of organizations (ie, National Honor Society). Unacceptable identifying information includes first and last names, social media information, contact information, or school names.  Please feel free to get creative with format, structure and writing style.