VIP Professional Development

What is vip Professional development?

Through applied and engaging learning opportunities, Vallejo Irvine Program for Professional Development equips students with competency-based skills that will positively differentiate them in their professional pursuits.

Six core professional development competencies are prioritized throughout the VIP Professional Development curriculum – communication, career self-management, professionalism, successful thinking, collaboration, and equity and inclusion.

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1200 16th St., E140
Golden, CO 80401

8:00 am – 5:00 pm



Clearly and effectively exchange information, facts, ideas, opinions, and feelings through verbal, non-verbal, written, listening, and visual actions.


Career Self-Management

The continuous development of oneself and one’s career through self-analysis, career exploration, and self-promotion.



Understanding and demonstrating appropriate work behavior, dependability, and accountability in all personal and professional situations.


Successful Thinking

Intellectually disciplined process of identifying problems and solving them via logical analysis, inclusive reasoning, and judgment.



Initiate and maintain interpersonal relationships to work effectively toward a common goal while utilizing personal strengths, knowledge, and talents.


Equity and inclusion

Support and advocate for a culturally diverse and neuro-diverse workplace to utilize different perspectives in making inclusive and equity-minded decisions.


Employers looking for communication skills on the resume


Employers looking for collaboration skills on the resume


employers looking for successful thinking skills on the resume

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About VIP Professional Development

The Vallejo-Irvine Program for Professional Development started as an idea to help the Mines community in a substantial way. Fran Vallejo and Scott Irvine, along with many other donors and participants of the Mines@150 campaign, made it happen. Learn more about the program development.

Meet the VIP Interns

Each summer, new interns will be brought on to improve upon the VIP Program for the upcoming year. This gives an opportunity for students to enhance the professional development program for all Mines students over time. Learn more about the interns.

Support the Program

The donations made to the VIP Program will create a foundation of resources available to staff and students. Additionally, your financial support will support keynote speakers, panels, workshops, and events. Become a supporter!