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Welcome to the Vyas Research Group

Our research employs both computational and experimental chemistry techniques synergistically to address challenges in modern science. Using theoretical and computational tools, we aim to understand the underlying parameters and mechanisms of various chemical processes that ultimately guide the rational design of new molecules, materials and processes. These novel materials are then tested experimentally in our lab for desirable properties for various applications. Students working in the highly interdisciplinary environment of the Vyas group are trained in chemical computations, chemical synthesis and laser spectroscopy. 


  • Another J. Phys. Chem. B article accepted. Congratulations to An Ta!
  • Congratulations to Jacob Bingham for successfully defending his literature review.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Daniel J. Van Hoomissen for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation. With five first author papers and two second author papers, you do deserve a doctorate.
  • Congratulations to Daniel. First all compuational paper in Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett., Editor’s choice award, and the front cover art. Way to go!!

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