Preparing For Mines

Preparing for MinesIs your son or daughter a creative thinker who enjoys math and science? A person who likes to solve everyday problems? Likes to design and build things? Cares about the environment? Wants to find answers to our country’s energy challenges? Or maybe wants to be a doctor, lawyer or teacher? Engineers and scientists are in demand, and Mines is a prestigious university with a reputation for excellence around the world. 
Mines students are bright, focused and hard-working. They are motivated by challenges and like to use innovation and creativity to address those challenges. If this sounds like your student, encourage preparation for a Mines education. It’s a great path to a successful career and rewarding life.
High School Requirements
What’s involved in preparing for a Mines education? Challenging courses in math and science, in particular trigonometry, pre-calculus and chemistry — and if possible, calculus and physics as well. 
While math and science are key classes for admission to Mines, courses in English and the liberal arts are just as important. We look for students with communication skills and a strong overall academic record.
Standardized tests also help us during the admissions process. Encourage your son or daughter to take the ACT or SAT twice—once as a junior and once in the fall semester of senior year. We anticipate seeing a senior level test score with the application.
Extracurricular Activities
Students won’t be penalized if they are not involved in extracurricular activities, but if they have outside-the-classroom interests, awards or honors, we want to see these on the application. Mines students work hard, but they also make time for social activities and community service. And it’s the quality, not the quantity that counts with us. 
For more information on the admissions process, high school courses such as AP/IB, and the admissions timeline, review our Checklist and Admissions pages.

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