Faculty Awards

Academic Affairs seeks nominations for the following academic awards for the upcoming year:

  • The Dean’s Excellence Award
  • The MinesTeaching Award (teaching faculty)
  • The Mines Teaching Award (tenured or tenure-track faculty)
  • The Board of Trustees Outstanding Faculty Award
  • The Alfred E. Jenni Teaching Fellowship

Anyone may nominate a faculty member. To do so, submit a one page memo to Academic Affairs, which details

  • Name of the nominee and department/division
  • Which of the awards above you are nominating the candidate for
  • Why the individual’s profile/accomplishments fit the award and what kind of data would be supplied to support the nomination, if a full dossier is requested by the Faculty Awards Committee.

These one page nominations are due to Academic Affairs by December 8, 2017.

Information on the awards can be found in Section 8 of the Academic Affairs Procedures Manual, available on the Academic Policies website.

Once received, the Faculty Awards committee will review the one page nominations and decide if a full dossier will be requested of the nominee’s department head/division director. Dossiers for each award should then be submitted to Academic Affairs (date to be determined).


Year Award Recipient
2015-16 Jenni Fellowship Kip Findley
2015-16 Jenni Fellowship John Persichetti
2015-16 BOT Award None
2015-16 Dean’s Excellence Carolyn Koh
2015-16 Alumni Teaching – T/TT Amanda Hering
2015-16 Alumni Teaching – TF Cyndi Rader
2015-16 Senior Research Excellence Bob Kee
2015-16 Junior Research Excellence Eric Toberer
2014-15 Jenni Fellowship Junko Munakata Marr (CEE)
2014-15 BOT Award Toni Lefton (LAIS)
2014-15 Dean’s Excellence Lincoln Carr (PH)
2014-15 Alumni Teaching – T/TT Matthew Liberatore (CBE)
2014-15 Alumni Teaching – TF Pat Kohl (PH)
2014-15 Senior Research Excellence Tracy Camp (EECS)
2014-15 Junior Research Excellence Ryan O’Hayre (MME)
2013-14 Jenni Fellowship Not Awarded
2013-14 BOT Award Not Awarded
2013-14 Dean’s Excellence Paul Martin (AMS)
2013-14 Alumni Teaching – T/TT John Humphrey (GE)
2013-14 Alumni Teaching – TF Sandra Woodson (LAIS)
2013-14 Senior Research Excellence John speer (MME)
2013-14 Junior Research Excellence Michael Wakin (EECS)
2012-13 Jenni Fellowship Not Awarded
2012-13 BOT Award Kent Voorhees (CH)
2012-13 Dean’s Excellence Award Colin Wolden (CBE)
2012-13 Alumni Teaching T/TT Dan Knauss (CH)
2012-13 Alumni Teaching TF Scott Strong (AMS)
2012-13 Senior Research Excellence Reuben Collins (PH)
2012-13 Junior Research Excellence Cristian Ciobanu (ME)
2011-12 Jenni Fellowship Gus Greivel (AMS)
2011-12 BOT Award Carl Mitcham (LAIS)
2011-12 Dean’s Excellence Ivar Reimanis (MT)
2011-12 Alumni Teaching T/TT Ryan O’Hayre (MT)
2011-12 Alumni Teaching TF Terry Bridgeman (AMS)
2010-11 Jenni Fellowship Matt Liberatore (CBE)
2010-11 BOT Award Candace Sulzbach (CEE)
2010-11 Dean’s Excellence Douglas Way (CBE)
2010-11 Alumni Teaching T/TT Ronald Miller (CBE)
2010-11 Alumni Teacing TF Vince Kuo (PH)
2009-10 Jenni Fellowship Jon Leydens (LAIS)
2009-10 BOT Award Not Awarded
2009-10 Dean’s Excellence Uwe Greife (PH)
2009-10 Alumni Teaching T/TT Patrick MCCarthy (CH)
2009-10 Alumni Teaching TF Tracy Gardner (CBE)
2008-09 Jenni Fellowship Not Awarded
2008-09 BOT Award Not Awarded
2008-09 Dean’s Excellence Dendy Sloan
2008-09 Alumni Teaching T/TT James McNeil
2008-09 Alumni Teaching TF Ravel Ammerman
2007-08 Jenni Fellowship Cathy Skokan
2007-08 BOT Award Thomas Furtak
2007-08 Dean’s Excellence Anthony Dean
2007-08 Alumni Teaching T/TT Neal Sullivan
2007-08 Alumni Teaching TF Not Awarded
2006-07 Jenni Fellowship Not Awarded
2006-07 BOT Award Tracy Camp
2006-07 Dean’s Excellence David Marr
2006-07 Alumni Teaching Mark Lusk
2005-06 Jenni Fellowship Not Awarded
2005-06 BOT Award David Matlock
2005-06 Dean’s Excellence Jeff Squier
2005-06 Alumni Teaching Ric Wendlandt
2004-05 Jenni Fellowship Paul Santi
2004-05 BOT Award Not Awarded
2004-05 Dean’s Excellence John Speer
2004-05 Alumni Teaching T/TT Todd Ruskell
2004-05 Alumni Teaching TF Sam Romberger
2003-04 Jenni Fellowship Barb Moskal
2003-04 Dean’s Excellence Bob Kee
2003-04 Alumni Teaching Ugur Ozbay
2002-03 Dean’s Excellence Kent Voorhees
2002-03 Alumni Teaching Barb Moskal
2001-02 Dean’s Excellence Ed Cecil
2001-02 Alumni Teaching Eileen Poeter
2000-01 BOT Award Bob Baldwin
2000-01 Dean’s Excellence David Matlock
2000-01 Alumni Teaching Hugh King
1999-00 BOT Award Nigel Middleton
1999-00 Dean’s Excellence Reuben Collins
1999-00 Alumni Teaching Barbara Bath