Degrees, Minors and Certificates

Colorado School of Mines is a research university long known for its excellent academic programs in engineering and applied science, and its specialized and focused mission to enhance understanding of the earth, energy and the environment — Mines is helping find answers to some of the major problems of our time.

Mines offers nearly 70 options – plus minors – in a full range of science, engineering and related disciplines.

Undergraduate Programs

Mines’ accredited undergraduate programs are highly selective, and our renowned faculty create a challenging and supportive learning environment for our students. As an undergraduate at the Colorado School of Mines, you are an integral part of a world-class institution.

Ranked among the nation’s “top 100 values” as selected by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Mines offers all the advantages of a research institution with a size that allows personal attention. With a student/faculty ratio of 17:1 and an average undergraduate class size of 34, Mines offers you the personal attention you need to succeed.

With a wide range of degree programs,  your achievements are limited only by what you bring. Wherever your interests lie, take some time to explore all the opportunities that Mines has to offer.

Our graduates are in great demand by companies and government agencies around the world. Mines’ rigorous degree programs provide a technical education and students receive exposure and training in areas such as communication, leadership, teamwork and ethics. Additionally, our extensive laboratory infrastructure ensures students have plenty of hands-on training in their coursework.

Graduate Study

Graduate students join a community of scholars who are global leaders in their fields. Research funding from government agencies and private corporations supports cutting-edge work in alternative and traditional energy resources, mineral economics, earth sciences, materials, and environmental science and engineering. Strong partnerships with local government laboratories, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Bureau of Reclamation and the United States Geological Survey, provide rich opportunities for students to become involved in world-class research.

Combined Bachelor’s / Master’s Programs

Graduate degree programs offer Mines undergraduate students the opportunity to begin work on a graduate certificate, professional master’s degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree while completing the requirements for their bachelor’s degree. These combined bachelor’s-master’s/doctoral programs have been created by Mines faculty in those situations where they have deemed it academically advantageous to treat undergraduate and graduate degree programs as a continuous and integrated process. These are accelerated programs that can be valuable in fields of engineering and applied science where advanced education in technology and/or management provides the opportunity to be on a fast track for professional advancement. These programs also can be valuable for students who want to get a head start on graduate education. Learn More

Undergraduate Degree Programs

MajorDegreeProgram DescriptionMinors and ASIsDepartment
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
B.S.Program Description

Applied Math & Statistics Fact Sheet (PDF)
Computational and Applied Mathematics,
Statistics, Mathematical Sciences
Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Chemical Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Chemical and Biological Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Biomedical EngineeringChemical and Biological Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Chemistry Fact Sheet (PDF)
Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, BiochemistryChemistry
Civil Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Civil Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Civil Engineering, Structural EngineeringCivil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Science
B.S.Program Descriptions

Computer Science Fact Sheet (PDF)
Computer Science, Computer Engineering Data Science, Robotics & Intelligent SystemsComputer Science
B.S.Program Description

Economics and Business Fact Sheet (PDF)
Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship,
Economics and Business
Electrical Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Electrical Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
B.S.Program Description

BS Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Engineering for Community Development, Leadership in Social ResponsibilityEngineering, Design, & Society
Engineering Physics
B.S.Program Description

Engineering Physics Fact Sheet (PDF)
Physics, BiophysicsPhysics
Environmental EngineeringB.S.Program Description

Environmental Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Environmental Engineering, Water SustainabilityCivil and Environmental Engineering
Geological Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Geology and Geological Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Geological EngineeringGeology and Geological Engineering
Geophysical Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Geophysics Fact Sheet (PDF)
Geophysics/Geophysical EngineeringGeophysics
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences N/AProgram DescriptionCulture, Creativity and Communication; Environment and Sustainability Studies; Global Politics and Society; Music, Audio Engineering and the Recording Arts
Mechanical EngineeringB.S.Program Description

Mechanical Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Advanced ManufacturingMechanical Engineering
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringB.S.Program Description

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Explosive Processing of MaterialsMetallurgical and Materials Engineering
Mining EngineeringB.S.Program Description

Mining Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Mining Engineering, Explosive EngineeringMining Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
B.S.Program Description

Petroleum Engineering Fact Sheet (PDF)
Petroleum Engineering, Midstream Engineering, Petroleum Data AnalyticsPetroleum Engineering

Want to learn more about applying to mines?

Some graduate programs participate in the Western Regional Graduate Program (WICHE). This program allows residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming to register at Colorado resident tuition rates. Learn more from the WICHE website.


Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs

MajorDegreeRequired CoursesDepartment
Advanced Energy SystemsM.S. non-thesis, Ph.D.CoursesAdvanced Energy Systems
Advanced ManufacturingM.S. non-thesis, professional graduate certificateCoursesAdvanced Manufacturing
Antennas and Radar TechnologyGraduate certificateCoursesElectrical Engineering
Applied Mathematics & StatisticsM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesApplied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS)
Applied PhysicsPh.D.CoursesPhysics
Chemical EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesChemical and Biological Engineering
ChemistryM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesChemistry
Civil and Environmental EngineeringM.S.(thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Computer ScienceM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesComputer Science
Data ScienceM.S. non-thesisCoursesApplied Mathematics and Statistics
Data Science for Signals and SystemsGraduate certificateCoursesElectrical Engineering
Earth Resources Development EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesMining Engineering
Electrical EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesElectrical Engineering
Engineering and Technology ManagementM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options)CoursesEconomics and Business
Environmental Engineering ScienceM.S.(thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesCivil and Environmental Engineering
Environmental GeochemistryProfessional Masters (non-thesis)CoursesChemistry
GeochemistryM.S., Ph.D.CoursesChemistry
Geological EngineerMaster of Engineering (non-thesis)CoursesGeology & Geological Engineering
Geological EngineeringM.S., Ph.D.CoursesGeology & Geological Engineering
GeologyM.S., Ph.D.CoursesGeology & Geological Engineering
Geophysical EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesGeophysics
GeophysicsM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D., track in computational geophysicsCoursesGeophysics
GIS / GeoinformaticsM.S. non-thesis; graduate certificates in geospatial information technology, GIS for geohazards evaluation, GIS for environmental studies, GIS for natural resources assessmentCourses
Humanitarian Engineering and ScienceM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options)CoursesEngineering, Design and Society
HydrologyM.S.(thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesHydrologic Science and Engineering Program
Materials ScienceM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesMaterials Science Program
Mechanical EngineeringM.S.(thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesMechanical Engineering
Metallurgical & Materials EngineeringM.Eng., M.S., Ph.D.CoursesMetallurgical and Materials Engineering
Mineral and Energy EconomicsM.S.(thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesEconomics and Business
Mineral ExplorationProfessional Master's (non-thesis)CoursesGeology & Geological Engineering
Mining EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesMining Engineering
Natural Resources & Energy Policy M.S. non-thesis, graduate certificateCoursesHumanities,
Arts and Social Sciences
Nuclear EngineeringMaster of Engineering (non-thesis), M.S., Ph.D.CoursesNuclear Science and Engineering Program
Operations Research with EngineeringM.S., Ph.D.CoursesOperations Research with Engineering
Petroleum EngineeringMaster of Engineering (non-thesis), M.S., Ph.D.CoursesPetroleum Engineering
Petroleum Reservoir SystemsNon-thesis professional master'sCoursesGeology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering
Quantitative Biosciences and EngineeringM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesQuantitative Biosciences and Engineering
Smart Grid, Power Electronics and Electrical Power SystemsM.S. (thesis and non-thesis options)CoursesElectrical Engineering
Space ResourcesM.S. non-thesis, Ph.D., certificateCoursesSpace Resources Program
Underground Construction and Tunneling M.S. (thesis and non-thesis options), Ph.D.CoursesUnderground Construction and Tunnel Engineering