Building Access

After Hours and Weekends

The Mines BlasterCard system is in place and has the capability to allow after hours and weekend access to approved requestors. By using the system, access can be granted to only the authorized user, who is responsible to then monitor his/her guests in the building. The system can be programmed with the specific date/times for access, which should increase overall security and safety for everyone on campus during these less-populated times.

Building access for scheduled programs and events after hours/weekends

We encourage the use of the BlasterCard access system for all scheduled events and programs whenever possible. Essentially, when a room gets scheduled for an event, the requestor should get their Blastercard access modified for access to the building for the specific time frame of the request. Please ask the person who scheduled the room to assist you with this process.

Please call Public Safety if there are questions or problems using this procedure for your program or event. We will help you with the process or make arrangements to have the building unlocked: 303-273-3333.

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After Hours

An on-duty Mines Police Officer can be reached by calling 303-273-3333, option 5, or by calling the JeffCom911 Regional Dispatch Center at 303-980-7300 or 9-1-1

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