Protocol for Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations

Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations

Legislation requires all Colorado law enforcement agencies and district attorneys to develop a protocol for participating in a multi-agency team to conduct the investigation, or review, of incidents involving the discharge of a firearm by a peace officer resulting in injury or death. Each agency shall post the protocol.

Colorado School of Mines is located within the Colorado 1st Judicial District. The 1st Judicial District has developed protocols for the use of a multi-agency team designated to fully investigate the use of deadly force, typically through the discharge of a firearm by an officer(s), resulting in injury or death. This team works at the direction of the District Attorney’s Office and are typically comprised of members from participating law enforcement agencies, D.A.’s investigators and attorneys, and other specialized investigative agencies as appropriate including Coroner’s offices and/or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Whenever a member of the Mines Police Department is involved in a deadly force encounter where the officer(s) discharges his/her firearm the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) will investigate the incident. These teams may also be used any time the agency CEO requests their assistance to investigate any use of force situation resulting in death.

The criterion is detailed on the following link, provided by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office (1st Judicial District):

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