Property & Equipment

Property Manual

This manual sets forth the policies, responsibilities, and procedures for establishing and maintaining control over property owned by, or in the custody of Colorado School of Mines. The term “property,” which is used in this manual, is synonymous with the term “capital equipment”, which is defined as personal property having a unit acquisition cost of $5,000.00 or more and an anticipated service life of one year or more. This definition also applies to Mines fabricated equipment.

For questions regarding property and equipment, please email the Capital Asset Accountant at 


Theft, Loss, Damage, or Destruction of Property

All cases of loss, damage, or destruction of property are to be reported to the Department Head (DH) or Principal Investigator (PI) as soon as the fact of such loss, theft, damage, or destruction becomes known.

The DH/PI shall report promptly to the Plant Fund Accountant and the Office of Research Administration any loss, damage, or destruction of property in its possession or control, or in the possession or control of any subcontractor, together with all the facts and circumstances of the case. Any loss that may be due to theft shall be reported by the DH/PI immediately to Mines Public Safety and to the Plant Fund Accountant. Loss of Government-owned property shall also be promptly reported to the Contracting Officer.


If you are uncomfortable reaching out to the department regarding ethical concerns related to the acquisition, use, destruction, or loss of property, please use our SpeakUp@Mines ethics hotline at  SpeakUp at Mines is a confidential reporting hotline. Any member of the Mines community can make a report: students, staff, faculty, volunteers, vendors, regardless if you are involved personally.

 Confidential. Secure. Anonymous.

Call (800) 461-9330 or go to the reporting site, SpeakUp@Mines to submit a report.

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