Thanks, Orediggers!

Thanks, Orediggers!

Aurelie Koller

I want to thank the team that spearheaded the sewing of masks for students at Mines. Not only is it a fantastic pattern but I do see the kids wear them when I drive by (off campus) to drop off items for my student. He wears his all the time and they are durable. I commend the going forward of this project even at a time when it was still uncertain if masks would be helpful. You had the insight and therefore our kids are protected while wearing fun Blaster masks. Thank you also to the community that sewed them.

Nicole Vilegi-Sandage

A huge thank you to our professional admissions recruitment team and student ambassadors for upholding the Oredigger Promise while meeting with prospective students and families.

Cordelia Brumley

I am incredibly grateful for Callie McCaffery for always being diligent about wearing her mask! She never lets her guard down, and always makes sure to follow all guidelines. I'm also grateful for all other Orediggers abiding by the Oredigger Promise, and for all of the faculty working hard to keep campus open and safe during these times! 🙂

Samyuktha Senthilkumar

To the Jackson Staff - Y'all are amazing! Every single one of you has been an A+ role model for wearing your masks and sanitizing often. Your persistence in your roles has proven to be successful and I could not be more proud of all of you for upholding the Oredigger Promise.