Green Center Scheduling

Event Planning Checklist


Colorado School of Mines is a pay-to-park campus and parking restrictions are enforced year-round from 7 am-5 pm, Monday – Friday.

Throughout campus, there are parking pay stations (shown below) that take cash or credit card in return for a temporary parking pass. The prices of these temporary permits vary from event to event.

For more detailed parking information, visit the Parking Services website.


Internet Access

For web browsing, email, and VPN access only, the guest simply needs to connect to wireless network CSMguest and enter their email address in the Guest User email field.

CSMguest registration page should look like following:



Colorado School of Mines catering, Flavours by Sodexo, can be reached directly at 303-273-3349 or


All groups that require a rental contract are required to have event insurance in the amount of 3 million dollars per accident for bodily injury and 3 million dollars per accident for property damage covering each day of their event.

Insurance options for Tenants/Lessees, through URMIA-TULIP at Please select “Get a Quote”; and State of Colorado and Colorado School of Mines.

Event Complex Checklist
  • Do you have a Confirmation Number for your event?
  • Does your confirmation reflect all the correct times and equipment required?
  • Does your presentation require an analog 1/8″ laptop audio feed?
  • Are all of your PowerPoint slides the same resolution? (16×9 or 4×3)
  • Does  your event require specfic custodial needs; (empty trash at lunch break etc.)?
  • Do you require any items to be delivered to Green Center for your event?
  • Does your event require any bus service drop off/pick up?
  • You are aware that no item may be store overnight .
  • You are aware that final payment is due upon your arrvial via check.

If any of the items above are in question, please contact the Green Center Event Office: 303-273-3470 or email the event office:

For a PDF version of this checklist, click here

Off-Campus Group?

If you are a group from off-campus, please email