Mines LGBTQIA+ Resources: Looking for gender inclusive bathrooms?  Crisis support?  Student support around healthcare?  Find this and more:

Resources outside of Mines

Looking for LGBTQ+ friendly resources for things like healthcare providers, physicians, fitness centers, and more? This is a list of resources currated by people within the Mines community with help from people online sharing their experience! 

Looking for Mental Health Resources? What about specifically for people within the LGBTQ+ community? Check out our links and information below! 


LGBTQ+ National Hotline: This hotline is safe, anonymous, and confidential where callers can talk about a variety of issues they or someone they love could be dealing with . This includes everything from coming out, gender or sexualy identities, relationship concerns, bullying, workplace issues, HIV/AID anxiety and support, safer sex information, suicide, and much more. You can visit the link above or call 1-888-688-5428. They also provide specific hotlines for coming out support, LGBT youth, and LGBT seniors.