Colorado Pride Events

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The Mission of our MCA is to be a strategic partner with the University to advance the understanding and inclusion of employees. We serve as a catalyst to enhance university objectives and professional development of our members.

Calendar for events and holidays

Insterested in the MCA’s upcoming events and monthly holidays and observed days of celebration? 

You can find a calendar of events for the current and upcoming months HERE.

about the lgbtQ+ mca

Join Mines LGBTQ Community Alliance and participate in a community where we combine university and employee goals to provide maximum benefit to all. We are working to ensure that Mines is a great place to work and welcoming to all with primary goals of:

•    Engagement
•    Professional Development
•    Networking
•    Raising Cultural Awareness
•    Community Involvement
•    Outreach and Recruitment Efforts

Check out oSTEM – the official LGBTQ+ organization for Mines students.


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