Our mission

As a procurement team, our goal is to provide purchasing and contract services to the Mines campus. We help students, staff and faculty complete their work and achieve their goals by ensuring that we are obtaining the best goods and services possible while complying with Mines Policies and Procedures as well as all local, state and federal laws and regulations.

We are here to help you find the highest quality goods and services for the best price possible, ensure funding obligations are met, and assist with vendor relations.

If you are looking for the list of campus-wide goods/services,  or the list of small business vendors, please see our “Price Agreements” page.



Procurement does not process invoices.  Please submit all invoices to MAPS for payment.

purchasing Thresholds

This is a discretionary purchase.  You may use your OneCard (Apply for OneCard ) or use Direct Pay by submitting a request to MAPS.


  • Items using a Mines logo must be ordered using a Purchase Order (“PO”).  All items using a Mines logo must go through the logo approval process.  Please review the “LOGO/TRADEMARK PURCHASES” section below.
  • If there is an Agreement or Term & Conditions associated with the purchase, Procurement must review the terms before the order can be completed.
  • If a vendor requests a PO, Procurement can issue POs for amounts under $5,000.00.

You must submit a request for a Purchase Order (“PO”).

Email the following to Procurement@mines.edu:

  • Official quote
  • Worktag and spend category for the purchase
  • Supplier e-mail (if not listed on quote)

Purchases over $10,000.00 require competitive quotes.  You must submit a request for a Purchase Order (“PO”).

Email the following to Procurement@mines.edu:

  • Official quote
  • Worktag and spend category for the purchase
  • Supplier e-mail (if not listed on quote)
  • Purchase Justification:  Two additional official quotes.  If the selected vendor is not the least expensive, please include a summary of why the more expensive vendor was selected.

Competition Exceptions:

  • If your purchase is excluded from competition requirements, you do not need to submit additional quotes, but a PO is still required.  Please review the “EXCLUSIONS FROM COMPETITION” section below.
  • Sole Source purchases.  To determine if your purchase is considered a Sole Source, please review section “SOLE SOURCES”below.

All purchases costing more than $50,000.00 must be acquired through a Solicitation.  Please review the “SOLICITATIONS” section below.

On-going Services: If a purchase requires or may require on-going services, than the total cost of that purchase is the estimated cost for 5 years.

  • Example 1) If you need to purchase lawn care services and the cost is $20,000.00/yr, the total cost of the purchase is $100,000.00.
  • Exampled 2) If you need to purchase software and the cost is $35,000.00 for installation, and $5,000.00/yr for renewal, the total cost is $55,000.00.

Competition Exceptions:

  • If your purchase is excluded from competition requirements, you do not need to submit additional quotes, but a PO is still required. Please review the “EXCLUSIONS FROM COMPETITION” section below.
  • Sole Source purchases.  To determine if your purchase is considered a Sole Source, please review section “SOLE SOURCES”below.


Worktag, ORA and Capital Asset Approval: Once the requisition is entered into Workday, an approval request will be automatically sent to the fund manager associated with the worktag, ORA (4xxxxx – if applicable) and accounting (79xx – if applicable).

Some purchases require approvals that occur outside of Workday.  Below are the approvals that must be requested by the department.  Please let your agent know when you’ve submitted an approval request and forward the ticket number.

IT Approval

If you are purchasing software or a digital service, you must submit an IT Approval request. Please include the review number with your purchase request.

Equipment Approval

If you are purchasing new equipment, please review the decision logic matrix and submit an approval request if needed. Please include the review number with your purchase request.

IT Renewal Approval

If you are renewing a software license, please submit a renewal approval review. Please include the review number with your purchase request.


A Quote is a “statement of price, terms of sale, and description of goods or services offered by a vendor to a prospective purchaser.”  Quotes are non-binding.  A formal quote must be in writing and in response to a request for pricing.

Can I use the price listed on the web-site as the quote?

No. Web-site, catalog and price agreement pricing is considered an “informal” quote.  Website prices often do not reflect additional fees, costs for add-ons or customization, recent price changes or potential discounts for bulk purchases or being a university.

Can I use an email as a quote?

Maybe.  If a vendor is not able to generate a quote document, an email containing the description of goods/services, and price can be used as a quote.  However, if a vendor is able to generate a quote document, an email should not be used.

I can't get additional quotes. What do i do?

If you cannot locate an additional vendor for your product, it may be a Sole Source purchase.  Review the “SOLE SOURCES” section.

If you have contacted other vendors, and they cannot offer a quote (out of stock, full schedule, refusal to offer), that is a “No Quote” and can count as a quote. Please send the vendor’s “No Quote” email to Procurement.

Logo/Trademark Purchases

General Notes:

  • All faculty, staff and students must use a purchase order when buying merchandise that contains any Mines logo or trademark regardless of cost.  Using a OneCard or voucher request are not permitted.
  • The requestor must use a licensed vendor to produce the merchandise.  See “Vendors Licensed by Mines.”
  • Logos and/or trademarks cannot be modified or altered and must meet the institution’s branding standards, which can be found at the following link: https://www.mines.edu/communications/branding-and-graphic-standards/.
  • The purchase order must be processed by the Procurement prior to the vendor being given authorization to proceed with production.

Step 1: Licensing Approval:

1. Prior to production, the licensed vendor must submit artwork to the Brand Manager 360 website for approval.

2. Mines will ensure that the vendor is approved to use Mines copyrighted materials. This is the “licensing approval.”

Step 2: Artwork Approval:
1. Logo POs will be approved in Workday.  If there is an issue with the logo, you will receive an email from Lisa Goberis regarding the issue.  Otherwise, emails are no longer needed for logo approval. 

2. Once the approval is complete, Procurement will issue the PO and send it to the vendor and CC the requestor.


Paper products such as stationary, letterhead, and business cards do not require logo approval.

Do Mines department and/or center logos need to be reviewed?

Yes.  Mines “logos” include the main logos, the words “Colorado School of Mines,” department and center logos, and any artwork developed by staff or students for a club, event, etc.  If the image would be recognized as being associated with Mines, it must be reviewed.

my logo was already approved for a previous order. Do i need to get approval?

Yes.  It doesn’t matter if an image was already approved during a previous order.  Every order involving a logo must be reviewed and approved every time since the number of times an image is used affects royalties.

Do I need a PO to buy branded items from the bookstore?

No.  You do not need a PO to buy logo items from the bookstore.  You can use your OneCard.

I have a PO, but THe cost is under $5k. Can I pay with my onecard?

No. We ask that if a PO has been issued, that payment is made using the PO.  If a PO is less than $5k, then it is techincally possible to pay using a onecard.  However, not paying off of the PO may cause that encumbrance to get stuck, which will cause issues on the index and budget.

Are there pre-approved vendors we can use who don't require a logo review?

No. There is a list of vendors that have been approved to use Mines licensed artwork.  However, this does not mean that the logo being ordered is approved.  The logo review is required for all vendors.

Advertising & Marketing Services

If your department needs assistance developing marketing or promotional materials, advertising, or logos or graphic design service, please contact the Mines Communication and Marketing department before engaging with an external provider.

The Mines Communication and Market department may be able to:

  • Assist directly with your marketing needs, which will save time and money.
  • Put you in contact with any current service providers who are or have worked with Mines.
  • Coordinate with the external provider to ensure that all materials align with our branding standards.


Please contact the Director of Digital Strategies and Insights, Ken Tandy, to discuss your department’s advertising and marketing services needs.

Furniture purchases

All furniture purchases must go through the Office of Design and Construction (ODC)– no matter the dollar amount.

  • Examples of furniture: Cabinets, lounge furniture, desks, chairs and lab furniture, etc.

ODC will ensure that the furniture 1) meets the overall aesthetic of a building, 2) rises to the level of commercial (lasts a long time) and 3) has warranty (if needed).

After approval is granted, ODC will work with the department and the vendor to order the furniture. You do not need to request a PO. ODC will initiate the purchase with the vendor.

Note: Mines may not be able to order furniture from your desired vendor due to our existing furniture agreements that may require us to purchase certain types of furniture from certain vendors.

When furniture is needed, departments should submit an approval request to ODC.

To request approval, submit a work order in FAMIS.  Select Type = “Planning, Design & Construction” and Sub Type = “Furniture”

FAMIS screenshot


If you need to make a change to a purchase order such as adding additional funds or reducing funds,  you must submit a Change Order (“CO”) request.  If the PO should have all funds removed and be closed, you do not need to submit a CO.  Send an email to Procurement and request that the PO be closed.

Change Order Procedures:

1. Complete the “Change Order Form” and email to Procurement@mines.edu.

  • You must include funding information (worktag/spend category).
  • The accounting section should list the amount(s) being added or subtracted, not the new total amount(s).

Closing a PO:

1. Send an email to Procurement requesting a PO be closed.

  • Include the PO number.


A solicitation is a “formal Invitation for Bids, a Request for Proposals, or any document used to obtain bids or proposals for the purpose of entering into a contract.”

All purchases costing more than $50,000.00 must be acquired through a solicitation unless the purchase is deemed excluded by Procurement.

Mines uses five types of solicitations:

  • DQ – Documented Quote
    • A DQ can be done for goods and/or services costing less than $250,000.00.
    • DQs must be posted for a minimum of three (3) working days.
    • Award is based primarily on lowest price.
    • May result in a PO and/or a Contract.
  • IFB – Invitation for Bid
    • An IFB is done for goods costing more than $250,000.00.
    • IFBs must be posted for a minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days.
    • Award is based primary on lowest price.
    • Typically results in a PO.
  • RFP – Request for Proposal
    • An RFP is done for services costing more than $250,000.00, complex services of any cost or for non-off-the-shelf software of any cost. 
    • RFPs must be posted for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days.
    • Award is made by an Evaluation Committee based on the vendor that offers best value, which may or may not be the lowest priced vendor.
    • Typically results in a Contract.
  • RFI – Request for Information
    • An RFI is done for when more information about goods and/or services is needed before proceeding with a solicitation.
    • RFIs must be posted for a minimum of thirty (30) calendar days.
    • Review of responses is conducted by an Evaluation Committee.
    • No PO or Contract results from an RFI.
  • SSN – Sole Source Notice
    • A SSN is done once Procurement determines that a purchase costing more than $50,000.00 is likely a Sole Source.
    • SSNs must be posted for a minimum of three (3) working days.
    • If no other vendor responds to the SSN, the purchase can proceed.
    • May result in a PO and/or a Contract.
How do i know what type of solicitation to do?

Your purchasing agent will help you determine the best solicitation method to use to achieve your goal.  There are many different factors that affect which type should be used.

Who should be on an evaluation committee?

The Evaluation Committee must consist of at least three (3) subject matter experts.  Procurement recommends a minimum of four (4) in case a member is not able to complete their evaluation.  Faculty, staff and students may serve on the Committee; however, Foundation staff cannot. 

What is a qualified list? How do I set one up?

Depending on the goods and/or services, Procurement may suggest doing an RFP for a “Qualified List.”  This means that more than one vendor will be selected who can provide the goods/services on an on-going basis.  Qualified Lists help to ensure that there is no disruption in goods/services if one vendor is no longer able to provide the contracted goods/services. Please see the “List of Qualified Vendors” to check if the good/service you need has already been contracted.

Exclusions from competition

Competitive procurement procedures (i.e. quotes or solicitation) must be followed unless a purchase has been identified as “Excluded from Competition.”  Your purchase may be exempt if it falls into any of the following categories:

Advertising Items for resale Professional engineering services
Conference Services Legal expenses Travel related expenses
Copyrighted materials Library collections Transaction with public entity
Educational speakers Memberships Utilities or Fuel
Grant award document specifies a  vendor Pre-owned equipment Etc.

 Note: Excluded purchases still require a PO if >$5,000.00.


A sole source exists when “there is only one good, service or construction that can reasonably meet Mines’ need and there is only one vendor who can provide the good and/or service.”

A requirement for a particular proprietary item (i.e., a Brand Name Specification) does not justify a sole source Procurement if there is more than one potential vendor for that good/service.

Before submitting a request to Procurement for a sole source purchase, please research whether any other good/service can satisfy the need, and – if not – can any other vendor provide that good/service.  If you believe that your purchase is a sole source purchase, please submit the “Sole Source Justification Form” along with your request if the cost is more than $10,000.00.

Please note that the following do not justify using a sole source.  If a sole source request is submitted stating any of the following as justification, the sole source will be denied:

  • Cost is cheaper than other options/vendors
  • Higher quality of good/service
  • Faster delivery timeline
  • Previous experience using the vendor


An After-the-Fact (“ATF”) purchase occurs when a department “makes a purchase of $5,000 or more before the Procurement issues a purchase order or change order.

Examples of ATFs:

  • Authorizing a vendor to begin work before Procurement issues a PO or CO
  • Ordering goods/services before a PO or CO is issued
  • Ordering additional goods/services or additional quantities that were not included on the original PO

ATF Approval Procedure:

  • Submit the invoice to MAPS using the payment portal.  MAPS will follow up to request necessary information and request Controller approval. 

    If approved, a check will be issued via direct pay.  A PO is not needed. 

The quote was under $5k, but the invoice is over $5k. IS that an ATF?

Yes.  If the original quote was less than $5,000.00, but the final cost is more than $5,000.00 due additional labor hours or extra items, etc. that is an ATF.  Please follow the “ATF Approval Procedure.”

If there is a known possibility that the total cost may exceed $5,000.00, Procurement can set up a “not-to-exceed” PO for the potential max amount.

The quote says "invoice" but I haven't placed the order. Is that okay?

Procurement would prefer that all quotes are titled as “quote” or “pro forma invoice” and not “invoice” to avoid confusion with the request being an ATF.  If you haven’t placed the order yet, please request a “quote” from the vendor.   Please let us know if the vendor is unable to issue a document titled as a “quote.”


If you are buying goods directly from a foreign vendor to the US, and are responsible for the customs fees/duties, please read the following information to unsure that goods are not held at or rejected by US Customs.

  • If Mines (the department) is responsible for US Customs clearance/formalities, you will need to work with Gateway who is our customs broker.
  • Please contact Gateway if you have or will have an incoming shipment and are the “Importer of Record.”
  • If an international document asks for a “Customs Broker” or a “Party to notify for future shipments,” please list the following information.
    • Gateway chb Ltd, 4755 Paris St., Ste 200, Denver, CO 80239
  • Costs:  Gateway charges a fee for services of $300-400.  Depending on entry location and type of cargo, there may be additional fees such as customs fees, terminal fees, delivery fees, etc.

If you are importing goods, or have any questions regarding import of goods, please contact Linda at Gateway. 


my import is under $5k, do i need to contact the broker?

The cost of the imported good does not have an affect on how it’s handled at US customs.  The good type, the country of origin and whether Mines is listed as the responsible party for customs clearance will affect the customs process.

How do I know if I'm responsible for customs clearance?

If you are ordering from a foreign company, and you don’t know who is responsible for customs, please contact the company you are ordering from and ask whether they or Mines will be responsible for customs clearance.