Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention


Colorado School of Mines is committed to maintaining an environment that supports and promotes healthy lifestyles including the academic and personal development of all members of the university community. Our goal is to reduce high-risk drinking behaviors, substance abuse, and the misuse of prescription medication within the Mines student community.

The unlawful presence and irresponsible use of alcohol and other drugs impacts the health and development of the community as a whole and its individual members. The assist in that effort, Colorado School of Mines will provide consistent educational programming and resources to create an environment that champions the well-being of Mines’ students related to alcohol and other drugs. Through partnerships with the Golden community, faculty, staff and students, we will increase responsible decision-making and healthy choices within the student body.


Mines for Recovery is virtual this fall!

Join the group every Friday from 12 – 1pm at

Our purpose is to provide a safe space for Mines students to meet and receive/offer peer support for drug and alcohol abuse.

Appropriate students to attend include those who:
i. Are in recovery.
ii. Have a drug/alcohol addiction.
iii. Are questioning if they have a drug/alcohol addiction.
iv. Have abused drugs or alcohol.
v. Desire to learn more to support a friend/peer/family member of concern.
This group is voluntary, anonymous, and student-led. Please join us.

2020-2021 Peer Student Contact: Brent, 307-277-2116

A.S.A.P. Committee

Emma Griffis, Student Wellness Promotion & Education

Brent Kebert, Student

Mary Elliott, Residence Life

Kelsi Streich, SAIL

Alexis Lakers, Fraternity & Sorority Life

Carolyn Dennee, Athletics

Lauren Jensen, Counseling Center

Derek Morgan, Campus Life and Student Success