Alcohol Policy

All students at the Colorado School of Mines must adhere to applicable federal, state, and local laws and school regulations related to the possession, consumption, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages. This includes, but is not limited to, issues of legal drinking age, alcohol-free housing, manufacturing of alcoholic beverages and planning events with alcohol.

All events at which students and alcohol are present must be properly approved by the Dean of Students prior to the event. This includes both on and off campus events as well as student events planned by faculty or staff members. Beer and wine are the only types of alcohol allowed at student events. Hard liquor is never permitted at student events.

Mines students are accountable for their actions and judgment and are expected to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol. Violations of this policy are subject to appropriate institutional and legal sanctions.

All students should know that their health, safety, and general welfare are of the utmost concern to the faculty, staff, students, and administration. Mines has established an Amnesty Policy to reduce barriers related to seeking help during medical emergencies due to fear of potential policy violations. View the full policy in Mines’ Student Code of Conduct, Section 6, B.