Intern Housing at Mines

Welcome to Colorado School of Mines! For the first time, we’re offering the 1750 Jackson residence hall for summer housing for those working in the Golden area.

This application is closed. If you are a currently-booked intern and you want to change the details of your booking, please email us at 


In order to be eligible for intern housing at Mines, you must:

  • Be working on campus, for NREL, or USGS
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of your check-in date
  • Provide proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university (e.g. an unofficial transcript)
  • Be employed in an internship program
  • Pass a criminal background check (upon completion of your application)

1750 Jackson Summer Configuration

  • 119 total beds
  • Fully furnished units with bathroom(s) and kitchen*:
    • Studio unit*: 1 person with 1 bed/1 bathroom (*no oven included in studio unit kitchens)
    • Two-Bedroom Unit: 4 people with 2 double bedrooms/2 bathrooms
    • Three-Bedroom Unit: 4 people with 1 double bedroom/2 single bedrooms/2 bathrooms
  • Limited parking in a covered garage
  • Gym
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • On-site laundry
  • Common areas on each floor include social lounges, study areas and nooks
  • Bike & locker storage
  • Front desk lobby & lounge
  • Centrally located near downtown Golden, campus, and across the street from several businesses.

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Unit Layouts

Furnished units with full kitchens*
Single Studio*

1 bed/1 bath

*kitchen does not have an oven

Two-Bedroom Unit

2 double bedrooms; 4 bed/2 bath

Three-Bedroom Unit

1 double, 2 single bedrooms; 4 bed/2 bath

Residence Hall Features

A Campus Apartment-Residence Hall Hybrid in Close Proximity to Downtown Golden, Local Businesses, Dining, and Classrooms

Social Hall

Outdoor Courtyards


Study Nooks

Reception Lobby



On-Site Laundry

Close Proximity to Safeway, Campus Classrooms & Downtown Golden!


When will the guest housing application be open?

Applications for intern housing at Mines for the Summer 2024 session will open in February.

What are the rates for the different room types?

Upon completion of your application, you must pay a refundable $350 deposit.

The following table has the approximate weekly rates, which includes taxes.

Room Type Weekly Rate
Studio $475
Single $430
Double $370
Will the rooms be single or mixed gender?

Depending on demand, apartments and suites may be single or mixed gender. We will try to keep apartments and suites the same gender as well as accommodate preferences, but you may be placed in a mixed-gender environment. Rooms will be the same gender.

What is included in rent?

Mines pays for water, sewer, electric and gas, public area lighting, trash removal, snow removal, and wired or wireless connection to the Mines network.

Do the apartments come furnished?

Yes! The apartments come with the following furniture: 

One of the following is provided for each occupant in the apartment

  • Loftable and Bunkable Twin Extra Long Bed
    • Dimensions: Height 60″ x Length 80″ x Width 36″
  • Three Drawer Chest
    • Dimensions: Height 30″ x Width 30″ x Depth 24″
  • Desk 
  • Desk Chair

The following is provided in the shared space: 

  • Couch
  • Chair 
  • Coffee Table
  • Media Table
  • Bartop Height Table with chairs for 4

​Each apartment can be configured to fit the needs of the student, if there is a roommate, please agree to any changes or additions before decisions are made. 

All furniture must stay in the unit, If items are stored other than the bedroom, they will need to have an agreement with all roommates on the location of the stored furniture in the unit

Are cooking and cleaning supplies provided?

No. This is an apartment, students should be prepared to clean up and provide materials for their own space.  Common areas outside the front door will be cleaned by custodial (hallways, stairwells, laundry, gym, etc.) 

Beyond the appliances, all cooking utensils need to be provided by the students. Only the furniture is furnished. students should talk between roommates about who is bringing what to complete the apartment.

What kitchen appliances are included?

The following is provided for each apartment:

  • Refrigerators
    • 30″ in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • 25″ in Studios
  • Stove/Oven*
    • 30″ stove/oven in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • *2 burner cooktop and no oven in Studio
  • Over the range microwave
  • Dishwashers
    • 24″ in 2 and 3 bedroom units
    • 18″ in Studios
  • Counter and Cabinet Space vary however, there is under and over counter storage in addition to the adjacent storage closet.

Additional small countertop appliances are allowed.