Event Planning Guide

FOR internal clients only

Room Scheduling

Reserving a space (NON-classroom)

On-campus users are welcome to use our Event Management Software (EMS) to kick-off their reservation needs. Start now by heading over to events.mines.edu!

HELPFUL HINT: Remember to log-in with your multipass information.

Types of spaces

Explore reservations.mines.edu for all event spaces on the Colorado School of Mines campus.

Need help? 

Will this be your first time using our Event Management System (EMS)? If so, no worries!

Start off by checking out our EMS Help Guide. This will assist you with any questions you may have regarding our event request form and scheduling processes. After reading over our guide, submit a request to add yourself as a contact for your department or group.

Please contact us at Reservations@mines.edu or call us at 303-273-3046

Reserving a Classroom

Are you looking for a more traditional classroom setting to host your event? You can request a classroom by heading over to events.mines.edu. The Campus Events Office will review your event and send confirmation or information within 2 business days.

Be sure to have your event request submitted at least 48 business hours ahead of your event.

Please contact us at Reservations@mines.edu or call us at 303-273-3046

Event Setup

Setup Assistance

The Campus Events department is excited to provide professional-level event set up for your next occasion.

Our ‘A-Team’ is willing to assist in the following ways:

  • Large venue conversions
  • Room sets
  • Stage sets
  • Chair sets
  • Day-of-event production assistance
  • Grounds preparation
  • Event equipment drop off and pick-up

Setup Policies and Procedures

  • Our event setup team does not assist with room reservations or space rental. After a reservation has been placed and confirmed, our team will assist with event set-up requirements. Please use EMS to submit any requests for event spaces.
  • All event requests must be submitted at least four (4) business days prior to your event to ensure all details are managed before the day of the event.
  • When requests are made with less than four working days notice, the event set up team will do its best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee success because of the uncertainty of available labor.
  • If items are lost or stolen, the requesting department or club will be charged for replacement costs.
  • In order to maintain workflow and control costs, during the production of any event, the event setup team will take direction from Scott Acker and the Campus Events department.
  • When using event spaces on campus, Facilities Management and Campus Events ask that you please clean up any trash, personal food or equipment, and any other belongings.
  • Any alteration to the facility or grounds by, or on behalf of an outside entity, must be approved in advance of the event.

Are you ready to bring your event to the next level? It’s time to start thinking about what technology and equipment you’re going to need! The Campus Events department has an ample amount of options available for you to choose from.


  • Mounted displays in conference rooms
  • Stationary and Portable projectors
  • Laptop computers
  • Conference phones
  • A/V Cables (HDMI, VGA)
  • Easels
  • Microphones (wireless and wired)
  • Whiteboards
  • Podium
  • Portable sound system
  • ….and much more!

Time to spice up your big event? Flavours by Sodexo is the exclusive catering option for the Ben Parker Student Center and preferred option for all buildings on campus. They offer a wide variety of options for your event.

To see everything Sodexo has to the offer and place your order, visit their website. Also If you have any other inquiries or questions regarding a new or existing order, please contact our Catering Coordinator by phone: 303-273-3349 or email at catering@mines.edu.

PLEASE REMEMBER to place your order at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Outdoor Tablings and Events

Are you looking to book an outdoor tabling or event? You can do so on Maple Plaza, Stratton Commons, and Kafadar Commons. Start now by heading over to events.mines.edu!

Outdoor tabling

To book a tabling space on Maple Plaza, please head over to events.mines.edu.

  • For Public Speech Activities, you must fill out the Public Speech Request Form and be approved to hold your tabling event. Please refer to the Campus Free Speech Policy document for more information.
  • Sales and Fundraising events do not need to be approved.
  • Food is allowed on Maple Plaza however,  active cooking of any kind is not allowed.

Please refer to the Maple Plaza Guidelines for more information.

Commons and Outdoor Events

To book an event on Stratton or Kafadar Commons, please head over to events.mines.edu.

Please refer to the Outdoor Events Guidelines for more information.

Work Orders

It may be required for you to submit an additional work order for your event. Work orders must be placed for the following:

  • Trash cans
  • Fencing (required if alcohol will be served)
  • Outdoor portable stage
  • Electrical work (if power must be run to certain outdoor spaces)
  • Turning off sprinklers
  • Marking grounds for staking tents

Work orders must provide all relevant event details including technical information: (rigging, electric distribution, or other), and any other consideration needed for Facilities Management. You may place your work order through our online work order management system.


  1.  “Property” should be listed as the nearest building to the outdoor space you are inquiring about
  2. Select the “Type” as well as “Subtype”
  3. In the textbox, please indicate that this work order is specifically for your outdoor event

For maintenance emergencies, please call Facilities Management at 303-273-3330, M-F 7 am-5 pm, or Public Safety at 303-273-3333 at any time.