Educator Resources


The museum offers three types of hands-on educational kits which are loaned to the public.  Our kits are designed to be used for small group work.  For example, for a class of 20 students working in groups of four, we recommend checking out five kits total.

Rock Cycle Kits

Each Rock Cycle Kit contains 24 rock samples.  Click here for a list of included samples.


Mineral Kits

Each Mineral Kit contains 11 mineral samples and one set of testing tools.  Click here for a list of included samples.

Mohs Hardness Kits

These kits are a SUPPLEMENT to our mineral kits and contain 9 mineral samples to test the hardness of other minerals.


  • Can be checked out for 3 weeks at a time
  • Pickups and drop-offs only allowed during regular business hours
  • Kits cannot be mailed

To make a kit reservation, click here.