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We have a sampling of specimens available to browse online through LibGuides including pieces from Creede and Gilman, CO.  Check them out here.


Various authors contribute original articles to our biannual newsletter.  See available articles below:

“Minerals of the Bulldog Mountain Mine (or Bulldog Mine): A Legacy Rich in Silver by Ken Kucera (Nov. 2023 – .pdf here: Bulldog Mine Kucera_NOV 2023)

“Revisiting History: Colorado’s Remarkable Mineral Palace,” by Ken Kucera (May 2020 – .pdf here: Mineral Palace_Kucera_MAY 2020)

“Heart of the ‘Richest Square Mile on Earth’: The Patch Glory Hole Mine, Central City, Gilpin County, CO,” by Ken Kucera (Nov. 2020 – pdf here: Patch Glory Hole_Kucera_NOV 2020)

“The Mines Museum of Earth Science: Home to the Historically Important State Mineral Collection of Colorado,” by Ken Kucera (CO State Collection_KUCERA_MAY 2021)

“The Bulldog Mountain Mine,” by Ken Kucera (Nov. 2021 – .pdf here: Bulldog Mine_Kucera_NOV 2021)

“The Sweet Home Mine: Silver “Failure” to Rhodochrosite Bonanza,” by Ken Kucera (May 2022 – .pdf here: Sweet Home Mine_KUCERA_MAY 2022)

“Daughter, I’ve struck it rich. Thomas Walsh and the Rich Camp Bird Mine,” by Ken Kucera (Nov. 2022 – .pdf here: Camp Bird Mine_KUCERA_NOV 2022)

“Territorial Gold Coins – The Colorado Gold Rush and Clark, Gruber and Company (1858-1862)” by Ken Kucera (May 2023 – .pdf here: Gold Coins_Kucera_May 2023)