School Trips

School Group Field Trips

Guided tours are limited to 15 students plus teachers/chaperones per tour.  For class groups larger than 15 students, we recommend booking the tour WITH activity (Option #2).  This allows a larger class to be split up into two smaller groups over a two-hour period. The largest class size we can accommodate at one time is 60. The indoor classroom may be available for lunch upon availability and advance request.  There are also four large picnic tables outside the museum for public use.

OPTION #1: GUIDED TOUR ONLY (1 hour total) – 15 student max.

Elementary & Middle School Students: $5/student (teachers & chaperones FREE)

High School & College Students: $10/student (teachers & chaperones FREE)


OPTION #2: GUIDED TOUR + HANDS ON ACTIVITY (2 hours total) – 60 student max.

Elementary Students: $10/student (teachers & chaperones FREE)
ACTIVITY: Experience the, “Magic of Minerals!”  A hands-on activity that introduces students to the weird, wacky, and wonderful properties of minerals that aren’t taught in class! Explore phenomena like chatoyancy, double refraction, color-change and more while practicing the skills of scientific observation.

Middle School Students: $10/student (teachers & chaperones FREE)
ACTIVITY: “Spot the Fake”: Try your hand at being a museum Curator in, “Spot the Fake!” Students will inspect a set of “donated” specimens using basic tools and be charged with finding and rejecting the fakes. Tune your observation skills and walk on the skeptical side. You’ll be surprised by fake-looking natural specimens and natural-looking phonies.

High School & College Students: $15/studentNOT YET AVAILABLE (teachers & chaperones FREE)

***Please note that classes with 30-60 students will be split into two groups; the first group will attend the tour, while the second group will participate in the activity – then, the groups rotate.