Online Education

At Colorado School of Mines, we believe in the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for all of our community members. To that end, we have partnered with Vector Solutions Higher Education to provide trainings that will help us all be informed on topics vital to achieving our goal. These trainings, in addition to being highly interactive and engaging, are based in research around the best practices for healthy communities. As you complete your training, we invite you to reach out to the many referenced resources in order to join the larger discussion of these topics on our campus.

If you have questions regarding online education, please reach out. 

Contact Us

1770 Elm Street
Golden, CO 80401


The Training

  1. AlcoholEDU – Ongoing Education
  2. AlcoholEDU for College
  3. Sexual Assault Prevention – Athletes
  4. Sexual Assault Prevention – Bystander Intervention
  5. Sexual Assault Prevention – Graduate
  6. Sexual Assault Prevention – Healthy Relationships
  7. Sexual Assault Prevention – Undergraduate
  8. Title IX Essentials for International Students

Accessing Vector Solutions Online Courses

  1. Students receive an email when they are assigned to an online course, and will continue receiving semi-monthly reminders until the assigned courses are completed
  2. Log into and type “Vector” into the search box and the tile for Vector Solutions Online Courses app will come up
  • Once you are in the app, you can see which course(s) you were assigned under “My Assignments”

Tech Info

  • Work at your own pace from any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Courses will save your progress if you need to stop and return later
  • Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari (preferred), or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
  • If you have any accessibility issues, please select “accessibility mode” once you are in the course
  • Need more help? Contact Vector’s 24/7 tech support using “Help” within the course or by visiting the Vector Solutions Knowledgebase for User Help


If you have questions regarding Sexual Assault Prevention or Title IX Essentials modules, please contact Sareen Lambright Dale. For questions about AlcoholEDU for College, please contact Emma Griffis.