Chemical Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree

Chemical Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree


Students in the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering program undergo rigorous instruction in fluid mechanics, heat and mass transport, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics and chemical process dynamics and control. By studying such a wide range of chemical engineering topics, students are prepared to design and manufacture a wide variety of products on a large scale. For students in our chemical engineering undergraduate program, some of these products include pharmaceuticals, paper, petrochemicals, polymers and more.

At Colorado School of Mines, our focus is always on the future. As a result, our graduates go on to work in diverse fields such as traditional and renewable energy, health care and manufacturing. While studying at Mines, students can pursue specialty tracks in process engineering, which focuses on industrial-scale methods in areas such as chemical and fuels production; biological engineering, which applies engineering principles to biological systems for the creation of products such as pharmaceuticals and biomass-based energy; and honors research, which boosts one’s credentials for graduate school or research positions.

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Combined B.S./M.S. degree program to earn both degrees in 5 years Immersive hands-on learning experiences
Seven NSF CAREER Award winners $7-8 million a year on average in research awards

Program Objectives

In addition to contributing toward achieving the educational objectives described in the CSM Graduate Profile and the ABET Accreditation Criteria, the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at Mines has established three program educational objectives for all of its graduates. Our graduates within 3 to 5 years of completing their degree will:

  • Be in graduate school or in the workforce utilizing their education in chemical engineering fundamentals
  • Be applying their knowledge of and skills in engineering fundamentals in conventional areas of chemical engineering and in contemporary and growing fields
  • Have demonstrated both their commitment to continuing to develop personally and professionally and an appreciation for the ethical and social responsibilities associated with being an engineer and a world citizen

Chemical and Biological Engineering Curriculum


Minor Available

  • Biomedical Engineering

Common industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Biomedical
  • Consulting
  • Electronic
  • Environmental
  • Manufacturing/Consumer Products

Skills utilized to improved technical products such as:

  • Ultrastrong fibers, fabrics and adhesives
  • Biocompatible materials for implants and prosthetics
  • Films for optoelectronic devices


The Chemical Engineering department at Mines prides itself on both cutting-edge research and excellence in teaching. We provide our students with the foundational knowledge, skills and resources to not just succeed, but to thrive in the world of chemical engineering.

With a student-centric approach to education, our program offers extensive undergraduate research opportunities and a variety of specialty curriculum tracks so that students can follow their passions. At Mines, our undergraduate and graduate students have access to top-notch research facilities and an esteemed faculty.

Why study chemical engineering at Mines? Just take a look:

  • Comprehensive approach to studying a range of topics in chemical engineering
  • Flexibility to pursue your own specialty track
  • Renowned faculty, including a PECASE award winner and seven NSF CAREER award winners
  • Extensive undergraduate research opportunities
  • $7-8 million annually in research awards


When you graduate with a chemical engineering degree from Mines, you’ll be prepared to enter a diverse and exciting career field. Not only do we offer our undergraduate students hands-on field training, access to world-class research centers, and the chance to work with a renowned faculty, but we also ensure that our students graduate with the inspiration and critical thinking skills to solve the problems of tomorrow.

With a degree in chemical engineering, our students have succeeded in a variety of important and growing career sectors, including aerospace, biomedical, consulting and construction, mining, renewable energy, electronics, oil and gas, government, manufacturing and chemical and more. Some recent employers of our graduates include SpaceX, Phillips 66, Seagate Technology, the National Renewable Energy Lab and more.

If you’re looking for a degree that will prepare you for a bright and productive future, Mines is the place to be.


Sumit Agarwal

Dr. Sumit Agarwal

Dr. Sumit Agarwal is a Professor in Chemical Engineering. His research interests focus on the characterization and synthesis of solar and electronic materials.

With his research, Dr. Agarwal actively collaborates with the semiconductor industry and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). He is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the 2009 NSF CAREER Award and is a Fellow of the AVS.

Parker Delius

Parker Delius

“I chose Mines the minute I stepped foot on campus. Mines is a collection of people that are all about collaboration and coalition. Every professor is truly there to help you succeed in your goals. Also, being in the foothills of the Rockies means that the outdoor activities around Mines are endless!”

Chemical Engineering Student


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median pay for chemical engineering in 2019, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Public College with Highest Return on Investment, Money Magazine, 2018

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