Design Engineering

Bachelor’s Degree


Bachelor’s Degree


Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in design engineering program at Colorado School of Mines become experts in the application of engineering principles to social problems in real-world contexts. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines the fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering, the insights and analytics perspectives of the humanities, arts and social sciences and the inspiration and hands-on skills of studio-based design education. This aspect of our curriculum focuses on creativity and technology innovation and allows students to apply their knowledge to collaborative multiyear projects.

For their junior and senior years, our students select from focus areas, which include:

  • Energy studies
  • Robotics and automation
  • Water security
  • Music, audio engineering and recording arts
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Community development

To encourage students to follow their passions, they can also craft their own course of study.

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Coursework centered on hands-on application Celebrating the graduation of our first cohort in 2023
Engage in a unique approach to engineering applications Work and learn alongside a premier faculty

The Bachelor of Science in Design Engineering curriculum is a rigorous, flexible, interdisciplinary program of study that integrates:

  1. The strength of a Mines’ technical degree with coursework in the fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering 
  2. A challenging and integrated education in design, innovation, humanities and social sciences
  3. A focus area that allows students to pursue depth of study in an area of personal interest, emerging technologies and/or career interests as part of the core engineering degree

These three components are tied together via a set of unique education experiences built into six integrative design studios, culminating in the Capstone Senior Design Studio.

Engineering, Design and Society Curriculum


Minors Available

  • Engineering for Community Development
  • Leadership in Social Responsibility

Career suggestions for Design Engineering majors:

  • Civil engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Environmental engineering technician
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Architect
  • Drafting and design engineer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Software developer


By studying design engineering at Colorado School of Mines, you’ll have an opportunity to join a world-class faculty and some of the nation’s brightest students.

With world-class research facilities, dedicated faculty and a truly unique student experience, there’s so many reasons to study design engineering here at Mines.

Just take a look:

  • Opportunities for undergraduate research
  • Learn from faculty with real-world experience
  • Hands-on learning via new courses in our Labriola innovation hub
  • Take part in Mines’ rich student traditions, such as the M climb and Engineering Days


Graduating with an undergraduate degree in design engineering can open up a world of possibilities. Upon graduation from our uniquely “designed” program, many of our students find themselves in roles that function upstream in the overall design process. They emerge from our program as extremely good communicators and translators of technical information to find solutions for a variety of stakeholders. 

Where do our design engineering graduates find themselves professionally? Some have gone on to consulting work in sustainable housing development, others at small firms building prosthetics, while others even work for the Peace Corp. Additionally, many of our graduates continue their educations by seeking master’s degrees or doctorates in fields such as additive manufacturing, business and more.


Dr. Jessica Smith


Dr. Jessica Smith serves as a professor in the Design Engineering Department at Mines. She also directs the Humanitarian Engineering and Science graduate program. Her research interests focus on engineering and energy as they relate to public accountability.

Her courses introduce STEM students to dynamic and complex social science concepts to their learning, research, and future careers. Recently, she is concluding work on a NSF Partnerships in International Research and Education grant.

Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson

Because of our smaller student body and the fact that all students here are STEM-focused, the community is incredibly friendly and collaborative rather than highly competitive. Everyone wants to see their classmates succeed as well as themselves. This makes coursework not only easier but so much more fun when you get to work with other people. 

Design Engineering with a focus on Community Development

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