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The following laboratory and workshop safety procedure applies to all laboratories and workshops where use or storage of hazardous materials occurs or where a physical hazard exists. Shop/lab managers, principal investigators and advisors are responsible for communicating expectations for adherence to these and other lab-specific safety procedures.

Training TitleRequired for...Provided by...Refresher Training Frequency
General Laboratory Safety TrainingAnyone working in a laboratory EHS, classroom; see training calendar for scheduleOne time - upon initial assignment
Lab-specific training, including use of personal protective equipmentAnyone working in a laboratory Laboratory owner, PI, or senior lab researcherOne time and as changes occur
Safe ScienceFaculty and Post Docs involved in laboratory research, machine shops, or field session activitiesEHS, this class will use actual Mines incidents to discuss how faculty can influence safety awareness and culture in their labs One time
Hazardous Waste GeneratorThose who generate hazardous waste and/or purchase hazardous chemicalsEHS, Initial Waste Generator Training should be completed in classroom; see training calendar schedule. Annual refresher training available during individual academic department seminars at the beginning of the fall semester. Upon initial assignment and annual refresher
Machine shop or lab-specific safety trainingAnyone working in a lab or machine shopPI, shop owner or other senior lab worker -- intended to orient new users to area specific hazards and controls, including personal protective equipmentUpon initial assignment and when changes occur
Blood Borne Pathogen Training (BBP)Anyone working with blood or other potentially infectious materialsEHS, classroom; call EHS to arrange trainingUpon initial assignment and annual refresher training
Biosafety TrainingAnyone working with biological materialsEHS, classroom; call EHS to arrange trainingOne time, upon initial assignment
Laser Safety TrainingAnyone working with Class 3B and 4 lasersEHS, online training; contact Radiation Safety Officer to schedule trainingOne time - upon initial assignment
Radiation Safety TrainingAnyone working with radiological materials or x-ray producing equipmentEHS, online training and in-person area-specific training; contact Radiation Safety Officer to schedule trainingOne time - upon initial assignment