Center For Professional Development Education

Mines is committed to preparing students for a career in science or engineering by teaching both disciplinary skills as well as general career skills. The Center for Professional Development Education promotes and coordinates teaching general professional skills through courses, seminars, and a speaker series, and makes tools and resources available for professional development.

A Focal Point for Faculty and Students

The Center helps Mines catalyze efforts in Professional Education by,

  • providing an organization for faculty and staff with a passion in Professional Education to work together
  • providing a recognizable means to seek external support, and
  • allowing Mines to effectively advertise and support Professional Education to current and prospective students, recruiters and funding agencies

The Center coordinates educational activities that include,

  • courses for broad professional development of students
  • seminars and workshops for students and faculty, and a
  • speaker series

The Center brings together faculty dedicated to educating graduate students who are well prepared for the workforce. The Center acts as a nucleus for writing proposals to support initiatives for professional education, including new methods of delivery. Activities of the Center are not only directed toward helping students, but also toward providing assistance, support, and training to faculty.


Contact CPDE

Roel Snieder
W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Professional Development Education

Center for Wave Phenomena and Office of Academic Affairs
                                                           Phone: 303 273 3456


Kamini Singha
Hydrology and Associate Department Head
Phone: 303 273 3822