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Fischione’s Model 120 Twin-Jet Electropolisher uses two jets to polish specimens by directing electrolyte flow onto both sides. Electrolytic thinning of conductive materials is an effective method of producing electron transparent foils for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). By electro-chemically removing material, TEM specimens are made quickly and without any induced artifacts. Light from a lid-mounted source passes through fiber optics onto the specimen, detected by a photocell. Adjusting detector sensitivity determines hole size, triggering alarms upon perforation. A variable flow pump ensures steady electrolyte delivery, with cathode coils and anodic platinum facilitating current flow. Adjustable voltage and current enable selective metal ion dissolution through chemical etching or uniform electrolytic polishing.

The polishing voltage and current can be adjusted at low levels to selectively dissolve metal ions from a specimen, that is, to chemically etch the specimen. Increasing the voltage until a plateau in current is reached results in electrolytic polishing. This electrochemical reaction dissolves metal ions uniformly at a controllable and reproducible rate.


  • Twin jets simultaneously polish both sides of the sample.
  • Electron transparent specimens within a few minutes.
  • Electrolytic polishing or chemical etching.
  • Easily adjustable. No additional ion beam damage
  • Electrolyte resistant materials in the polishing cell.
  • Automatic process termination, audible and visual shutoff alarms.


  • Suitable for samples having conductivity
  • May lose the secondary phase
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