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“Some of the work was performed in following core facility, which is a part of Colorado School of Mines’ Shared Instrumentation Facility (insert facility and RRID here).”

Atom Probe Tomography: RRID:SCR_023392

Electron Microscopy: RRID:SCR_022048

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry: RRID:SCR_022052

Mechanical Testing: RRID:SCR_022051

Nanofabrication: RRID:SCR_022047

Optical and Electrical Characterization: RRID:SCR_022047

Scanning Probe and Optical Microscopy: RRID:SCR_022048

Thin Film Deposition: RRID: SCR_022047


Water Quality Analysis: SCR_025080

X-ray Diffraction & Computed Tomography: RRID:SCR_022053

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: RRID:SCR_022050

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Publications Library

Publications (e.g., journal articles, white papers, conference abstracts) including data produced using SIF instrumentation.

TOF-SIMSUtilizing (Al, Ga)2O3/Ga2O3 superlattices to measure cation vacancy diffusion and vacancy-concentration-dependent diffusion of Al, Sn, and Fe in \b{eta} -Ga2O32024
TOF-SIMSSputter-deposited CdMgTe for rear contact to CdSeTe/CdTe solar cellsCdTe, CdMgTe, Electron reflector, Sputtering, Close-space sublimation2022
TOF-SIMSCharacterization of thin CdTe solar cells with a CdSeTe front layerII-VI, photovoltaic, Se, Thin Film2019
TOF-SIMSMitigating Measurement Artifacts in TOF-SIMS Analysis of Perovskite Solar CellsTOF-SIMS, PSC, HPSC, cation migration, interface, interface chemistry, passivating additive, degradation2019
TOF-SIMSStable magnesium zinc oxide by reactive Co-Sputtering for CdTe-based solar cellsCdTe, Thin film photovoltaics, MgxZn1-xO, Reactive sputtering, Stability2020
TOF-SIMSThe formation of oriented barium carbonate from the decomposition of yttria-doped barium zirconate filmsBarium zirconate, Thin film, Decomposition, Barium carbonate2020
TOF-SIMSOxide Stability Analysis and Characterization in a Galvannealed Dual-Phase Steel Exhibiting Coating Defects2019
TOF-SIMSInvestigation of the Electrical Properties of Grain Boundaries in (AgxCu1-x)(InyGa1-y)Se2photovoltaic cells, passivation, capacitance-voltage characteristics, impedance measurement2019
TOF-SIMSTuning the Co/Fe ratio in BaCoxFe0.8−xZr0.1Y0.1O3−δ, a promising triple ionic and electronic conducting oxide, to boost electrolysis and fuel cell performance2022
FEI Quanta 600i SEMLaboratory Testing to Characterize the Use of PVD Coatings and Alternate Die Materials for Reducing Soldering and Erosion for Aluminum Die Casting Applicationsaluminum die casting, soldering, physical vapor deposition (PVD) coatings, die materials, rotating immersion test, chemical adhesion mechanism2024
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, Tescan S8252G Raman SEM/FIBRole of Austenite Stability in Elevated Temperature Mechanical Properties of Gas Metal Arc-Directed Energy Deposition Austentic Stainless Steels2024
FEI Quanta 600i SEMExploring the Influence of Linker Substitution and Ratios on Cooperative Framework Flexibility through the Mixed-Linker ApproachAdsorption, Chemical structure, Diffraction, Phase transitions, Reaction products2024
EXPSMorphology of Thin-Film Nafion on Carbon as an Analogue of Fuel Cell Catalyst LayersFluoropolymers, Hydrophilicity, Interfaces, Layers, Thin films2024
FEI Quanta 600i SEMCombined electromechanical dynamic fracture behavior of lead zirconate titanate (PZT)dynamic fracture, electromechanical, fracture toughness, piezoelectric2021
Witec Laser Confocal RamanLithium diffusion in lithium tantalate as measured by confocal Raman spectroscopy2022
XRDDensification of the entropy stabilized oxide (Mg0.2Co0.2Ni0.2Cu0.2Zn0.2)OEntropy, Oxide, Mixing, Thermal profile2022
The role of Co valence in charge transport in the entropy-stabilized oxide (Mg0.2Co0.2Ni0.2Cu0.2Zn0.2)Oactivation energy, charge carrier, entropy, XAS, NEXAFS, XANES, IV2022
Polarity effects on wake-up behavior of Al0.94B0.06N ferroelectricsferroelectricity/ferroelectric materials, magnetron, nitrides, piezoelectric materials/properties,polarization, sputtering2023
3D modeling of cryogenic cracking by liquid nitrogen in coal under true triaxial stressesCryogenic cracking, Liquid nitrogen, Thermo-mechanical-damage coupling, Coal cube, Fractured volume, True triaxial stress2024
Sciex 5500 Triple QuadInfluence of Tension-Driven Flow on the Transport of AFFF in Unsaturated MediaFluids, Moisture,Soils, Solution chemistry, Surface tension2024
Tescan S8252G Raman -SEM/FIBParticle-wall heat transfer in narrow-channel bubbling fluidized beds for thermal energy storageBubbling fluidization, Fluidized bed, Particle-wall heat transfer, Heat exchanger, Thermal energy storage2024
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Quanta 600i SEM, JEOL JSM-7000F Field Emission SEMLight-trapping structures fabricated in situ for ultrathin III-V solar cells2023
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMLowering the operating temperature of protonic ceramic electrochemical cells to <450 °C2023
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMBoosting the performance of reversible solid oxide electrochemical cells with a novel hybrid oxygen electrode, Pr1.39Ba0.14Sr0.53Co1.48Fe0.76O6−δ-Ba0.66Sr0.34CoO3−δ†2023
Cameca LEAP 4000x Si, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEMUnderstanding the effects of fabrication process on BaZr0.9Y0.1O3−δ grain-boundary chemistry using atom probe tomography†2023
CAMECA LEAP 4000x Si, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEM, Tescan S8252G Raman-SEM/FIBSilane-Mediated Expansion of Domains in Si-Doped κ-Ga2O3 Epitaxy and its Impact on the In-Plane Electronic Conduction2023
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMHigh-performance anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer enabled by highly active oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalysts: Synergistic effect of doping and heterostructureAnion exchange membrane water electrolysis, Oxygen evolution reaction, Layered double hydroxide, Electrocatalyst2022
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMOn the thermal and mechanical properties of Mg0.2Co0.2Ni0.2Cu0.2Zn0.2O across the high-entropy to entropy-stabilized transition Thermal conductivity, Phase transitions, Entropy, Thermodynamic properties, Mechanical properties, Nano-indentation, Transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Transition metal oxides2022
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMCatalysts, Electrodes, Hydrocarbons, Layers, Power2022
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMRationally designed negative electrode for selective CO2-to-CO conversion in protonic ceramic electrochemical cellsCO2-to-CO conversion, Protonic ceramic electrochemical cells, Negative electrode, Oxide-supported Ni-Fe catalyst, In situ exsolution, In situ DRIFTs2022
FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMEnhanced CO2 Methanation Activity of Sm0.25Ce0.75O2-δ–Ni by Modulating the Chelating Agents-to-Metal Cation Ratio and Tuning Metal–Support InteractionsBond cleavage, Catalysts, Ions, Nanoparticles, Particle size2022
CAMECA LEAP 4000x Si, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEMVisualizing local fast ionic conduction pathways in nanocrystalline lanthanum manganite by isotope exchange-atom probe tomography†2022
Asylum MFP_#D Scanning Probe Microscope, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEMSynthesis of LaWN3 nitride perovskite with polar symmetry2021
CAMECA LEAP 4000x Si, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEM, Tescan S8252G Raman-SEM/FIBDirect Measurement of Oxygen Mass Transport at the Nanoscale2021
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEMQuantifying the influence of charge rate and cathode-particle architectures on degradation of Li-ion cells through 3D continuum-level damage modelsContinuum damage, Li-ion battery, Cathode capacity-loss, NMC 5322021
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEM, JEOL JSM-7000F Field Emission SEM, Panalytical X’Pert Pro X-Ray DiffractometerPerformance of III–V Solar Cells Grown on Reformed Mesoporous Ge TemplatesGermanium, Surface morphology, Annealing, Substrates, Photovoltaic cells, Epitaxial growth, Performance evaluation2021
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200X TEM/STEMInverted metamorphic GaInAs solar cell grown by dynamic hydride vapor phase epitaxySemiconductor heterostructures, Semiconductor devices, Solar cells, Photovoltaics, Epitaxy, Transmission electron microscopy, High resolution X-ray diffraction2021
CAMECA LEAP 4000x Si, FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEM, FEI Talos F200x TEM/STEM, Tescan S8252G Raman-SEM/FIBNanoscale tracking of oxygen diffusion pathways in oxide ion conductors2021
FEI Helios Nanolab 600i FIB/SEMArtificial generation of representative single Li-ion electrode particle architectures from microscopy data2021
Sciex x500R QToFControlling saturation to improve per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) removal in biochar-amended stormwater bioretention systems†2024