Acknowledgements & Proposal Support


Please copy and paste the text below and associated RRID in your acknowledgements if your research utilized SIF instrumentation.


“Some of the work was performed in following core facility, which is a part of Colorado School of Mines’ Shared Instrumentation Facility (insert facility and RRID here).”

Atom Probe Tomography: RRID:SCR_023392

Electron Microscopy: RRID:SCR_022048

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry: RRID:SCR_022052

Mechanical Testing: RRID:SCR_022051

Nanofabrication: RRID:SCR_022047

Optical and Electrical Characterization: RRID:SCR_022047

Scanning Probe and Optical Microscopy: RRID:SCR_022048

Thin Film Deposition: RRID: SCR_022047


X-ray Diffraction & Computed Tomography: RRID:SCR_022053

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: RRID:SCR_022050

proposal support

To assist you in writing your grant proposal, you are welcome to copy and paste the facility description and specific instrument capabilities from our proposal support resource document:  PDF or Word