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Mines’ Shared Instrumentation Facility (SIF) provides centralized access to world-class scientific equipment and engineering instruments on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Our Shared Instrumentation Facility contributes to our commitment to education and innovation in a range of academic and industry environments. Our shared facilities may be utilized for research or training purposes and are accessible to Mines faculty and students and to external academic researchers and industry partners.

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To download a printable PDF of all SIF instruments click here:  SIF Instrumentation PDF

To view the instruments by location click here: SIF Instrumentation by Location

diskcutter-featured-image Home

3mm Disc Cutter

FoilPunch Home

3mm Foil Punch

4pointprobe_april2023-400x284 Home

4-Probe Probe / Electrical Probe Station

ABM-Mask-400x284 Home

ABM UV Mask Aligner

Picture1-1-400x284 Home

AJA Sputtering System

AJAMultiDep-400x284 Home

AJA UHV Multi-Technique Deposition System

angstrom-400x284 Home

Angstrom Thermal Evaporator

AFM1-500x375-1-400x284 Home

Asylum MFP-3D Scanning Probe Microscope

autoglow_reactiveionetcher_2-400x284 Home

AutoGlow 200 Reactive Ion Etcher

IMG_3267-scaled-e1652841990667-400x284 Home

Cameca Leap 4000X SI

testimage-400x284 Home

Cleanroom and Lab Access Courses

hill-hall-312-400x284 Home


extensometers-400x284 Home

Complimentary Equipment and Fixtures

cressington-400x284 Home

Cressington Carbon Sputter Coater

IMG_3445-400x284 Home

Digital Instruments AFM

Hach-6000-400x284 Home

DR-6000 Hach

gleeble-400x284 Home

DSI Gleeble 3500-GTC

mts-alliance-400x284 Home

Electromechanical Load Frames

fatigue-main-e1639684037271-400x284 Home

Fatigue Machines

helios-e1686599847790-400x284 Home

FEI Helios Nanolab 600I FIB/SEM

fei-quanta-600-in-use-400x284 Home

FEI Quanta 600I Environmental SEM

Talos-400x284 Home


T12-300x225-1 Home

FEI Tecnai T12

FischioneElectropolisher-400x284 Home

Fischione Automatic Twin-Jet Electropolisher

Nicolet-6700-FTIR-spectrometer-image-400x284 Home

FTIR Spectrometer/Ellipsometer

Furnaces-400x284 Home


GatanDimple-featured-image Home

Gatan Dimple Grinder 11

IonMill-400x284 Home

Gatan Duo Argon Ion-Mill

Hallsystem-400x284 Home

Hall System

high-temp-thermal-evaporator-400x284 Home

High Temperature Thermal Evaporator

Hummer-Gold-Coater-400x284 Home

Hummer Gold Sputter Coater

20180827_152459_600x450-400x284 Home


JanisCryo-400x284 Home

Janis Cryostat

jeol-jsm-7000f-in-use-400x284 Home

Jeol JSM-7000F Field Emission SEM

Karl_Suss-Mask-400x284 Home

Karl Suss Mask Aligner

KEYENCE-400x284 Home

Keyence VHX-5000

mts-Exceed-scaled-e1637537138482-400x284 Home

MTS Exceed E22 Impact Tester

nanyte-400x284 Home

Nanyte Beam UV – Laser Lithography

malvern-panalytical-empyrean-400x284 Home

Panalytical Empyrean X-ray Diffractometer

philips-panalytical-pw3040-400x284 Home

Panalytical X’pert Pro X-ray Diffractometer

phenom-400x284 Home

Phenom SEM

profilometer-400x284 Home


Raith-VOYAGER-High-Performance-Electron-Beam-Lithography-400x284 Home

Raith Voyager E-beam Lithography System

EXPS4-400x284 Home

Rocky Mountain Environmental XPS User Facility

Triple-Quad_Zinger-1-400x284 Home

Sciex 5500 Triple Quad

QToF_Winky-400x284 Home

Sciex x500R QToF

questionmark-400x284 Home

SEM – What is the Right Instrument?

semicore-400x284 Home

Semicore Sputtering System

MTS-Landmark-370.10-400x284 Home

Servohydraulic Load Frames

TOC-featured-image Home

Shimadzu TOC-L Total Carbon Analyzer

solarsimulator-400x284 Home

Solar Simulator

tabletop-gold-coater-400x284 Home

Tabletop Gold Sputter Coater

Tescan Home

Tescan S8252G Raman-SEM/FIB

IonChroma-400x284 Home

Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-900

Doris_orbitrap-400x284 Home

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240

Uv_vis-400x284 Home

UV-Vis Spectrometer

TPT_WireBonder_HB05-400x284 Home

Wire Bonder

witec-laser-confocal-raman-microscope_landscape-400x284 Home

Witec Laser Confocal Raman Microscope

M2000-ellipsometer-image-400x284 Home

Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer

zeiss3-e1686601321872-400x284 Home

Zeiss Versa 520 XCT