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The Gatan Duo Argon Ion-Mill, Model 600, uses ion beam thinning to thin specimens down to electron transparency. It usually is the final step after conventional grinding including Dimpler grinder and in some cases after Tripod mechanical polishing. Ion milling is a precision material removal technique used in microscopy and materials science. A high-energy ion beam, typically composed of argon ions, bombards a sample’s surface at a controlled angle. These ions sputter away surface atoms, gradually etching a thin layer of material. By adjusting parameters like ion energy, accelerating voltage, ion current and angle of incidence, one can precisely control the milling rate and depth. The preparation process is controlled visually using an optical microscope and stops when perforation occurs. The areas close to perforation are thin enough for the TEM analysis.


  • The ion mill provides the largest samples, compared with a FIB and it does so with less damage.
  • Ion milling is invaluable for preparing samples, especially those with delicate or heat-sensitive materials, for electron microscopy and other analytical techniques. It can also be used to clean the surface contamination.
  • A liquid nitrogen dewar is connected to the milling stage to effectively remove ion beam milling induced heat from the shielding mask and sample
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