Cleanroom and Lab Access Courses

This training is setup to prepare you with safety information and emergency procedures in order to access Coorstek 040, 040B, and the 040 cleanroom as well as the Hill Hall cleanroom.

Prior to your first visit, please download MSDS for any NEW chemicals you will be bringing into CK040 or HH312 and bring it with you.

We have created instructional videos for many of the instruments in CK040 and HH310/312. Please watch the videos/read the manuals before being trained in person for the machine.

testimage Cleanroom and Lab Access Courses
Internal Users
  1. Create a user account on FOM if you do not have one already. Instructions are found under “HOW TO REGISTER IN FOM” / “INTERNAL USERS”
  2. Confirm you have taken the EHS Lab Safety Training and the EHS Hazardous Waste Generator Trainings by logging into the EHSA homepage ( and downloading the PDF completion certificate.
    •  Click on the “Worker Training History” link, click on “options” menu on the right-hand corner of the Training History section and “export to PDF.”  If you have not yet completed the trainings, you can sign up for them at
  3. In the “My Profile” tab on your FOM account, find the “My Safety Certificates” section and upload your EHS safety training conformation PDF
  4. Sign up for the SIF lab access course ( ), read through the material, and take the “lab Safety” and “Cleanroom Safety” quizzes.
  5. Let me know once you have completed the above and I will approve your card access.
External Users
  1. Create a user account on FOM if you do not have one already. Instructions are found under “HOW TO REGISTER IN FOM” / “EXTERNAL USERS”
  2. To access the facilities, you will also need to have a Mines Facility Use Agreement in place.  To initiate the contracting process, please email a copy of your W9 and Certificate of Insurance to SIF business manager, Anne Steputis,
  3. Please complete the Mines Lab Safety and Hazardous Waste Training course and quiz.
  4. If you intend on using the Cleanroom, please also read the following document:  Cleanroom Safety and complete the Cleanroom Safety Quiz.