New First-Year Student FAQ

Regarding My Application

What is needed to complete my application as a prospective first-year student?

To complete your admission application, we must receive:

  • An electronically submitted admission application.
  • Your current, official high school transcript or an unofficial high school transcript.
    • Ask your high school counselor to send us your official high school transcript (and school profile if they have one) or upload an unofficial high school transcript via the Supplemental Materials section of your Applicant Portal
  • Given the extraordinary circumstances of 2020 and limited availability of the ACT and SAT, test scores are optional and not required to complete an admissions application file for fall 2021 applicants. If a student is unable to, or choose not to, provide ACT or SAT test scores, the admissions and merit scholarship review process will proceed with the existing application file materials. However, if a student has previously taken, or plans to take, an ACT or SAT test, those scores can be submitted for consideration in the review process.
  • As of the 2021 application cycle, we superscore ACT and SAT scores.
How do the deadlines work and when are decisions released?

November 1 priority application file completion deadline (about 80% of apps)

  • Decision notification: If you applied by November 1, 2020, you will hear a decision from us by December 21, 2020.

January 15 regular application file completion deadline (about 20% of apps)

  • Decision notification: March 1, 2020

Rolling admissions based on space available after 1/15/21

How much does it cost to apply?

We waive the $45 application fee for all first-year applicants.

Does Mines accept the Common Application?

Mines does not use the Common Application.  Please complete the Mines-specific online admission application.  

How do I submit my high school transcript?

Official high school transcript submission

Your high school counselor must submit your transcript in order for it to be considered official. Below are the steps to submit an official high school transcript.

  • After submitting your online application, you will have access to print or save a PDF of your application. If your high school counselor has yet to submit your official high school transcript, request that they do so. 
  • Sending your transcript electronically is the fastest method. We ask that your official transcript and high school profile only be sent once – either electronically or by one of the methods below. Sending duplicates will slow the processing of your application.
    • Transcripts and other documents from your high school may be sent directly to Colorado School of Mines via the following methods:
      • Electronically through SENDedu. SENDedu is a free, secure electronic document transfer service designed specifically for high school counselors who prefer to submit their students’ records online.
      • By the electronic document service of your school’s choice, such as Docufide or Naviance.
      • By uploading through
      • By FAX: 303.273.3509.
      • By email:
      • By postal mail: Mines Admissions Office, 1812 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401.

Please note: Any college transcripts that are hand-delivered, even in a sealed envelope, are considered unofficial. Please have the college/university send your transcript(s) directly to our office in order for them to be considered official.

Unofficial high school transcript submission

You can submit an unofficial high school transcript via the Supplemental Materials section of your Applicant Portal. Log into your Applicant Portal, scroll down to the Supplemental Materials section, select “High School Transcript (Unofficial)” from the dropdown box and then click “Choose File” to find the file on your computer/device. Then click “Upload.”  You will see this document reflected in your Application Checklist when it’s uploaded.

Are letters of recommendation required to be submitted along with my application?

No, your academic preparedness and strengths are all the recommendation we need!  However, we will gladly accept letters and review them, if provided. These can be sent via the same method as your high school transcript. Please make sure your full name and birthdate are included so that we can get these matched to your application record. If your recommender provides you with the letter, you can upload it to your Applicant Portal.

How do I change/edit the information on my application?

If you would like to add or edit anything on your application, simply send an email to and state what information you would like to change. Make sure to include your full name and birthdate in the email.

Regarding My Test Scores

How do I submit my ACT or SAT scores?

ACT and/or SAT scores are optional for Fall 2021 applicants. Follow the instructions below if you choose to submit your scores.

  • The most convenient and effective way for your ACT and/or SAT scores to be reported is to include them in your application. These scores will be reviewed as a part of the admissions decision. Students who are accepted and choose to enroll at Mines are required to request their highest exam score from the appropriate testing agency. Any discrepancies in the self-reported scores and those received from the testing agency could result in the rescission of the admissions decision.
  • You can always request to have your scores sent electronically. For ACT requests, our code if 0500; for SAT requests (via College Board), our code is 4073. Test scores on transcripts will not be reviewed. 
Does Mines “superscore” my exams?

Yes, we do combine different test sections to produce a “superscore.” We review the highest score reported from either ACT and/or SAT.

Should I take the ACT or SAT exam more than once?

If you believe you can score higher it is in your best interest to retake the exam(s). Retaking the SAT or ACT can improve your “superscore.” When you apply to Mines, you are automatically reviewed for our merit scholarships. Merit scholarships are primarily determined by a combination of your unweighted GPA (4.00 scale) and your highest test score submitted with your application file (if you choose to submit scores, otherwise it is based on your transcript).

Due to current circumstances, if you are unable to take or retake the ACT and/or SAT, the merit aid will be determined by your unweighted GPA only. If you take a test after you submitted your application and want them considered in your application review or you have a higher score you want to submit, please email before March 1 of your senior year to report those scores so we can evaluate if they impact any merit scholarship opportunities.

The Mines website says that it does not require the ACT writing portion for the application. Does it look better if I do take the writing portion?

The writing portion of the ACT is optional, but we will take notice of your writing skills if you choose to take it.

Can I submit test scores after I submit my application?

Yes, if you did not include self-reported scores on your application and would like test scores to be included in your application file review before it’s complete, you can either upload your scores (up to three for SAT and up to three for ACT) to your Applicant Portal or you can email with your self-reported scores and we are happy to add them to your record. Please provide the following:

Total score
Evidence-based reading and writing section score
Math section score

Composite score
English section score
Math section score
Reading section score
Science reasoning section score

Should I submit test scores even if it’s a lower score than I was hoping for?

Yes, we encourage students to submit all test scores. We are now superscoring test scores so we will look at the highest score for each section. Additionally, taking the ACT or SAT (or both), if available, does provide some understanding of academic preparedness. Taking it multiple times (if available/accessible) also can indicate perseverance and determination.

Will you be test optional for 2022?

HB 20-1407 is a temporary “test optional” bill in effect for the fall 2021 admissions cycle for the state of Colorado. We are unsure at this time whether it will continue for the 2022 admissions cycle or if we will elect to be test optional in future years.

How will scholarships be calculated if test scores aren’t factored in?

We will take an holistic approach to reviewing all application files for admissions and merit scholarship and will factor in all materials in the application file. That can include supplemental documentation such as letters of recommendation, additional essays, resumes and personal statements, if provided.

Is Mines part of WUE?

We are not part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) program. We do however, offer automatic merit scholarships just by applying and external scholarships can be stacked with this amount making it competitive to what WUE offers. Additional scholarship information can be found here:


Regarding The Admissions Process

What is the status of my application and how can I tell if it is complete?

Approximately 24 hours after the submission of your application, you will receive an email that includes Applicant Portal log in information. Upon logging into this Portal, you can verify whether or not we’ve received your application materials. You will also have the option of uploading supplemental (optional) materials such as your resume, an additional essay, etc. and paying any associated fees (if applicable). Here, you will also view your admissions decision letter and then decision and enrollment requirements. Please contact if you would like us to resend your Applicant Portal access email or if you have any questions.

When and how will I receive a decision?


Those students with a complete application file on or before our priority deadline of November 1st will receive an admissions and merit scholarship decision by December 21st, 2020. Students completing their application file after November 1st but on or before January 15th will receive an admissions and merit scholarship decision by March 1, 2021. Completed application files received after January 15, 2021 will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis and admissions decisions will be made until the class is full. 


We will send an email via the email and number provided in your application that will prompt you to log into your Applicant Portal. From there, click, “View Update” and you will see your admissions decision letter. Additionally, if accepted and you live in the United States, we will mail you an acceptance packet.

Does Mines review applications on a rolling admissions basis?

Yes, we review on a rolling admissions basis. Please review the question above for our deadlines and decision release timeframes.

Is my admission to Mines binding? Do you have early action/early decision or is Mines rolling admission?

If you apply to Mines and are accepted, your admissions is not binding. You have until May 1st (national decision day) to let us know if you would like to accept or decline your admissions offer. Mines has a priority application file completion deadline of November 1st which we encourage you to meet as we cannot guarantee space in our incoming class after that point but we do not have any early action or early decision dates or agreements. We read applications in first-come-first-serve order but do not release decisions in order of applications received so it is best to submit your application earlier rather than later. Our regular application file completion deadline is January 15th.

Does Mines have an early decision that is binding?

No, Mines does not have an early decision application/deadline and all admissions decisions are non-binding. 

Does the Admissions Office conduct interviews?

We do not have, or require, a formal interview process.  However, we would love to welcome you to our campus for a visit, or meet with you at recruitment events across the country. You can view our visit options here.  

I am home schooled. How will I be reviewed?

If you are home schooled, we will review you as we would review any other applicant, taking an holistic approach and reviewing all materials in their entirety. We may reach out via email if any questions arise about your coursework.