Samuel Stoeckl


Admissions Counselor – Undergraduate Recruitment

Sam has always been a curious person who enjoys learning about nearly any subject. With an educational background in Geography, he gets excited by interdisciplinary projects that unite physical and social sciences to solve complex problems. Sam’s deep appreciation for the transformative power of education led him to pursue a career in higher education – joining the team in 2023. The natural splendor of Colorado captivated him while he still lived in St. Louis Missouri, and he feels incredibly fortunate to live in Golden and work for such a prestigious institution. Outside of work, Sam spends his time honing his skills as a music producer and outdoor recreation enthusiast.


  • Sam was a gifted soccer player and got to travel internationally to play
  • He soloed in a Cessna 150 before he had a driver’s license
  • He loves trail running and backpacking seldom seen places
  • He was previously an adventure tour guide in Rocky Mountain National Park


Connectedness, Ideation, Adaptability, Input, Strategic