Project Info

Metabolic Sensing for Athletic Performance Healthcare Applications

Peter Aaen

Project Goals and Description:

This project will develop non-invasive and real-time measurement techniques for lactate sensing for the assessment of metabolic health.  This is of interest for high-performance athletes wishing to optimise their aerobic performance and to medical professionals for patient care.  Microwave split ring resonators will be developed attached to micro fluidic cells to test low concentrations of metabolites.   The project will assess the required sensor sensitivity, assess and optimize the sensor performance and integrate the measurement approach into a sensing application

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Not applicable.

Dr. Aaen maintains a website with several of his latest publications and an overview of his teams research:

Primary Contacts:

Dr Peter Aaen,

Student Preparation


The student should have a good knowledge of circuit theory and microwave circuits and a desire to learn microwave measurement techniques.




The student will gain significant experience in several areas.  First they will learn how to develop and manage a program of research and learn how to create re I’m search plans.  The student will then learn how to perform microwave measurements and simulation and data analysis techniques in Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS).


The student will join Dr. Aaen’s research team and have frequent interactions with him and his students.   Once the objectives of the project have been agreed upon the student will meet with Dr. Aaen every two weeks to share progress, present results and plan next steps.   The students will also be able to interact with other research students and Dr. Aaen either in person or via the team’s slack group.


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