Project Info

Reinventing Wastewater Treatment Plants: Energy Neutral Treatment and Enhanced Fertilizer Production through a Novel Resource Recovery Center

Tzahi Cath

Project Goals and Description:

The research project that the position is dedicated to is Reinventing Wastewater Treatment Plants: Energy Neutral Treatment and Enhanced Fertilizer Production through a Novel Resource Recovery Center. The goal of this project is to reduce energy consumption and recover valuable resources in wastewater treatment processes. This position is focused on wastewater treatment at the Mines Park Wastewater Treatment Facility, a unique research lab equipped with real wastewater provided by the Mines Park student housing complex. You will be working with primary and secondary wastewater treatments and collecting data on experiments that compare different primary treatment techniques.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Manage the nitrogen cycle.

Primary Contacts:

Tzahi Cath, Tayler Elwell,  

Student Preparation


  • Detail-oriented and comfortable with excel (R is a bonus!)
  • Comfortable working around wastewater
  • Team-oriented and good communication skills




  • Laboratory techniques: Experience with the various experimental procedures and techniques used in a water research laboratory, including preparation of samples and measurements of water quality parameters (chemical, physical, and biological). Gain proficiency in working with laboratory equipment, such as balances, pipettes, centrifuges, and spectrophotometers. Develop an understanding of quality control procedures and implementation of quality assurance practices in laboratory analyses and data interpretation.
  • Communication: Gain the ability to communicate research findings in a clear and concise manner and to work effectively with a diverse team to achieve research goals and initiatives.
  • Safety protocols: Obtain knowledge of laboratory safety procedures and experience in handling chemical and biological material, disposing of chemical waste, and maintaining equipment safely while in a lab environment.


1. Introduction to Scientific Research: Provide an overview of scientific research goals, methods, and critical thinking principles.

2. Laboratory Operations: Discuss laboratory safety, compliance, and operational protocol.

3. Project Execution: Provide hands-on guidance to execute the project tasks while ensuring that the project is on track.

4. Data Analysis and Presentation: Discuss data analysis principles and techniques and how to present research results.

5. Career Development: Discuss career options, job market trends, and professional development scenarios.

6. Work-Life Balance: Discuss work-life balance, including time management, stress management, and mental health.

7. Communication Channels: Provide open, timely, and constructive feedback throughout the project and establish effective communication channels.


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