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Tracking Lagrangian pathways of ocean parcels

Bia Villas Boas

Project Goals and Description:

This undergraduate research project is all about understanding how ocean currents work. We'll be using an open-source package called the Parcels to track the movement of traces (such as temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll) in the ocean, and we'll be looking at how waves and winds affect their movement. This research will inform efforts toward the ODYSEA satellite mission concept, which is a joint NASA-CNES mission concept that proposes to observe winds and currents at the same time to better understand how the ocean and the atmosphere affect the Earth's climate. The student will work with a team of experts to learn how to use the Parcels package and the ODYSEA simulator, and then they'll run simulations, analyze data, and communicate their results. This is an exciting project for anyone who is interested in climate, programming, or data sciences.

More Information:

Grand Challenge: Not applicable.

Primary Contacts:

Bia Villas Boas |

Student Preparation


  • Basic knowledge of Python
  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Willingness to work in a team




The student will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in data analysis, programming, best practices of scientific computing, as well as scientific collaboration and communication.


The student will be mentored by Dr. Villas Bôas through weekly meetings, where guidance and feedback on the project's progress will be provided. The student will also be welcome to join the weekly meetings of the Mines Oceanography team, where there will be opportunities for networking, developing scholarship, and interacting with other team members. Depending on the student's progress and interest, there is the potential for submitting the results of this project for publication in a scientific journal.


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