Fleet Services

Colorado School of Mines Fleet Services assists campus personnel in performing daily operations with the help of campus vehicles.


How do I start driving a campus vehicle?

  1. Contact your Department Vehicle Coordinator. The DVC will need to assist you in filling out the Vehicle Operator Approval Request Form. If you are unsure as to who your DVC is, please contact Fleet Services directly.
  2. Fill out the online Vehicle Operator Approval Request Form. This form will be immediately submitted to Fleet Services for review. Upon submission of the form, you will be redirected to a secure website to submit your driver’s license information for a background check.
  3. Submit your driver’s license information for a background check via Info Cubic. It is your responsibility to submit this information for review. Without completion of every step, the request cannot be processed properly.
  4. Wait for approval notification. Fleet services will email you and your DVC to inform you when and if you have been approved to drive campus vehicles. Once this approval has been sent, you can begin driving campus vehicles.

Please keep in mind that yearly background check renewals must be submitted. Fleet Services will remind and assist you when it is time to submit additional background check requests.


How do I become a department vehicle coordinator?

Applicants wishing to become a department vehicle coordinator (DVC) should fill out the. Department Vehicle Coordinator Designation Form. The form will be reviewed by Fleet Services and applicants will be contacted regarding their finalized designation.

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Fleet Services

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