Visitor Parking

MINES is a pay to park campus. Parking Services enforces the parking policy from 7am– 5pm, Monday through Friday, including holidays and semester breaks; other violations are enforced by Public Safety officers 24/7.

Planning a Visit

Visitor parking is indicated in purple on the Campus Parking Map. Visitors can park in visitor spaces or regular spaces in any blue General or yellow Commuter lot. Pay-by-cell or pay station options are available for visitors to purchase a daily parking permit for the duration of their visit. Daily parking rates for Visitor and General lots are $2.00/hr or $10.00/day; rates for Commuter lots are $1.50/hr or $8.00/day.


Mines offers Passport Parking as a pay-by-cell option for all visitors. Go to or download the Passport Parking application on your mobile phone. You will be prompted to create an account and add your vehicle information in to our system. Then you will need to enter the four digit zone number for the lot you parked in. The zone numbers are located on the yellow and black Passport Parking signs in each lot. At any time, if your visit is unexpectedly extended, you can extend the amount of time needed to continue parking in the lot. For assistance, please contact the Parking Department at (303)273-3100.

Pay Stations

Pay station locations are indicated by orange dots on the Campus Parking Map.  Our pay stations accept cash (no pennies) and cards, but they do not give change. Using a pay station in a blue General lot will allow you to park in any blue General lot or campus street. Paying for parking at a pay station in a yellow Commuter lot will allow you to park in any yellow Commuter lot or Mines Park residential area. Printing a pay station receipt is optional and display of the receipt is not required as parking is enforced via license plate software. Report pay station errors to the Parking Department at (303)273-3100. Campus parking maps are available at all of the pay stations to help guide you around campus.


General Information



Daily, Commuter, and General permits are not valid in faculty and staff Reserved lots, indicated in red on the campus parking map. Parking in fire lanes, no-parking or loading zones, service spaces, or handicap spaces (without a valid handicap placard) is strictly prohibited.


The City of Golden enforces a city permit requirement in the residential areas surrounding campus. Parking by anyone other than residents of these communities will be ticketed by the City of Golden. These areas are shown on the campus map as those outside the gray highlighted campus boundaries.


Bus parking is available at the north end of Lot Q, in the northwest quadrant of campus. This area is designated exclusively for buses, which are not required to display a permit if parked in this area.

For easier access in and out of campus, buses should pick up and drop off along 17th Street, on the south side of the Student Recreation Center, then exit left onto Elm Street and out to 19th Street.


ADA accessible parking is available in various locations across campus as indicated on the campus parking map. In order to park in any marked ADA space, a valid ADA placard or license plate and a valid Mines permit are required.


Contact Us

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7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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