First Year Resident Students

First-year students living on-campus are not permitted to bring a vehicle to campus unless a parking permit is approved in advance through the waiver process. Students who demonstrate an exceptional need for a vehicle on campus may complete and submit the First Year Resident Parking Permit Waiver form (below) to request an exception to Section 5.2 of the Vehicle Operation and Parking policy. Students who are granted approval through the waiver system will be allowed to purchase one Resident permit to park exclusively in Lot AA.

First-year students living off campus can automatically receive a parking permit waiver allowing the student to purchase an annual campus permit. Contact Parking Services directly to purchase a permit on this exception basis.

Reasons to Request a Waiver

  1. Off-campus employment –  The student will need to submit the most recent pay stub with an address which must be further than five miles from the campus. In addition, if a waiver is awarded, a pay stub must be submitted to the Parking Office by the 10th of each month as proof of continued employment.
  2. Military service requirements –  A letter from the applicant’s commanding officer on unit stationery must be submitted including full unit designation, drill location, and a drill schedule that reflects required attendance.
  3. Medical or Disability Services Need – Applicants with accessibility issues or medical conditions that necessitate parking a vehicle on campus should contact Disability Support Services prior to submitting a waiver form.
  4. Extreme Transportation Need –  Any other transportation need deemed valid by the review committee. Having a car for convenience does not qualify for this exception.


Waiver Review Process

Application forms will be reviewed by a committee comprised of student representatives, faculty, and staff. Applications must be submitted by the student intending to use the permit. Documentation to support the request is required.
Committee decisions will be emailed via campus email to waiver applicants no later than six weeks from the date the application was submitted.


Consequences for Waiver Application Fraud

Applications must be submitted by the student intending to use the permit. Freshmen who obtain a parking permit by providing falsified information, as well as upperclassmen who attempt to purchase a permit for first year resident freshmen or other restricted class, will have future parking privileges revoked and may face further action under the Student Conduct Process.


First Year Resident Parking Permit Waiver Request

  • Campus Wide Identification Number
  • Please use address.
  • Please write a paragraph explaining the reasons behind your request.
  • Drop files here or
    Please provide the Waiver Committee with additional documentation to support your request.
  • By typing your name you are confirming that you are the student requesting the permit & verifying that all the included information is true.


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