Gender Inclusive Housing

Colorado School of Mines is proud to offer Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) as a residency option. Gender Inclusive Housing is currently offered to first-year students on the 4th floor of Elm Hall and for returning and graduate students residing at Mines Park Apartments.

A student who wishes to live in a gender-inclusive room (a room that is not defined by the genders that reside within the same living space) will have the option to choose this as part of their housing application. You will be asked if you’d like to live in a gender-inclusive room, and at that time may opt into the opportunity.

GIH is not intended for students to live with a romantic partner and we discourage this choice for anyone applying to live our residence halls. The Apartments at Mines Park provides family housing for students that desire to have a partner live with them while they are a student here at Mines.

You might consider choosing Gender Inclusive Housing if…

  • You feel more comfortable living with someone who does not identify as the same gender as you
  • You would like to live with a family member or friend who does not identify as the same gender as you
  • You identify as gender queer, transgender or a nonbinary identity
  • You have a medical need for an aide to live with you who may not identify as the same gender as you

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to live in Elm Hall but don't want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing what do I do?
That’s fine! You don’t have to live in a GIH room to live in Elm Hall. It’s just an option.
If I want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, do I have to share a bathroom with someone of a different gender?
No. You share a bedroom, but the community bathrooms in Elm Hall are either identified by gender or are designed to be gender neutral for individual use.
What if I want to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, but want to live in the Traditional Halls?
We are only able to offer GIH housing in Elm Hall at this time.
Is Gender Inclusive Housing the same as CO-ED housing?
It is not the same thing. While Elm Hall is considered a co-ed hall, the rooms that are not Gender Inclusive Rooms are still traditional doubles where a woman would live with another woman and a man would live with another man. Only if a student opts into Gender Inclusive Housing could they choose a roommate who identifies differently (or the same, your choice) as they do.
Who can I speak with in Residence Life if I have further questions about this option?
Contact the Department of Residence Life at, 303-869-5433, or stop by the Campus Living Office to speak with any our professional staff about this option.