Move-In & Move-Out Processes

Spring 2024 Move-Out

Residence Halls, 1750 Jackson, + Mines Park

Spring 2024
Move-Out Dates

Residence Halls

Elm Hall, Maple Hall, Spruce Hall, Weaver Towers, and
The Trads (Morgan, Thomas, Bradford, Randall)

Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00PM sharp

All Residence Halls close.

Students must move out by this deadline (unless they are moving to Summer Housing).

1750 Jackson Street

Sunday, May 12, 2024 at 12:00PM sharp

1750 Jackson closes. Students must move out by this deadline.

Students participating in Summer Housing will be required to move as soon as their Summer Housing assignment is available.

Mines Park

Friday, May 31, 2024 at 12:00PM sharp

Vacate date for Mines Park.

Students who did not renew their Mines Park contracts or who are ineligible to renew their contracts must vacate by this date.

Fall 2024 Move-In

Residence Halls, 1750 Jackson, + Mines Park

We are so excited to have you join us on campus this Fall!
Whether you are a returning student or new to campus, we can not wait to help you transition to life at Mines!


You will find move-in information on this page for incoming first-year students and transfer students living in the Residence Halls.

Move-in information for 1750 Jackson Street and Mines Park will be provided at the bottom of this webpage.

Continue returning to this page for all updates! We’re working now on all the details!

Residence Halls

Spruce Hall, Weaver Towers, Elm Hall, Maple Hall, Traditional Halls

Move-In Dates & Check-In Timeslots

It’s a countdown to August, and we’re gearing up for move in!

All incoming, first-year students residing in the Residence Halls will move in on Saturday, August 10, or Sunday, August 11. Your move in date will be assigned to you based on your housing assignment.

You can expect to receive notification in early July of your specific move-in date and timeslot. On your specific move-in day, you will have a timeslot window that will identify your arrival time on that day.

There are many students moving onto campus in a short period on each move-in day; therefore, we cannot change your check-in timeslot to an earlier time or your move-in date a different date.

If you cannot arrive during your assigned timeslot, you are welcome to arrive after your assigned timeslot on your move-in day.

To ensure the move-in process is efficient, please arrive on your move-in date at the beginning of your assigned check-in timeslot. We have assigned all students a 30-minute-long check-in timeslot*. Timeslots were assigned randomly, so students and their roommates may or may not have the same timeslot.

*You do not have only 30 minutes to move in. Your timeslot identifies the earliest time that you can check in at your Residence Hall and receive access to your room assignment.

To help us keep the traffic moving, please do NOT arrive early. We encourage you to arrive as close to the beginning of your timeslot to start the check-in process. Arriving early will add to confusion and the length of lines for move-in. Please trust us and the process and you will have a smooth move-in with little wait time.

Directions to Your Residence Hall
“The Trads” Traditional Halls – Bradford, Morgan, Randall, Thomas
  1. From 6th Avenue, turn onto 19th Street toward campus after exiting the highway.
  2. At the roundabout, turn left onto Elm Street (3rd exit from roundabout).
  3. Continue on Elm Street. Pass the Student Rec Center and Student Center.
  4. Turn right into the Y Parking Lot. Traffic cones will direct you around the parking lot and into the unloading zone.
  5. After unloading, move your vehicle to Lot Q for long term parking.
Elm Hall and Weaver Towers
  1. From 6th Avenue, turn onto 19th Street toward campus after exiting the highway.
  2. At the roundabout, turn left onto Elm Street (3rd exit from roundabout).
  3. Take your next right onto 18th Street and into the parking lot to your right.
  4. Traffic cones will direct you around the parking lot and into the unloading zone.
  5. From there you can unload your vehicle before taking it to CT, I or J lots for long term parking.
Maple Hall
  1. From 6th Avenue, turn onto 19th Street toward campus after exiting the highway.
  2. At the roundabout, turn left onto Elm Street (3rd exit from roundabout). Continue on Elm Street.
  3. Turn right onto 17th Street and follow signage.
  4. 17th Street is made into a one-way road during the move-in process. On 17th Street, pull to the right side of the road, where your car will be unloaded. The right lane is for unloading, the middle lane is for through-traffic, and the left lane is a fire lane.
  5. After unloading is finished, continue on 17th Street in the middle lane and turn right onto Illinois Street.
  6. You will then take a left onto 18th Street and park in CT, I, or J lots for long term parking.
Spruce Hall
  1. From 6th Avenue, turn onto 19th Street toward campus after exiting the highway.
  2. Continue straight through the roundabout.
  3. Continue on 19th until you take a left onto Washington Ave.
  4. Turn left onto 18th Street and continue west toward Spruce Hall. Follow signage to the unloading zone.
  5. When finished unloading, turn right to exit onto 19th Street. This exit is right turn only.
  6. Continue west on 19th Street to the roundabout.
  7. Turn left (3rd exit from roundabout) to long term parking in commuter parking.

Before You Arrive
  1. CHECK YOUR MINES EMAIL! You will be getting important emails from your Residence Life Coordinator (RLC), Resident Advisor (RA), and Residence Life, in addition to several other departments on campus.
  2. Make sure you signed your housing contract! Contract signing is part of Phase 3: Room Selection. You will not be able to move in until you have signed your housing contract. If you signed your contract, you will have a confirmation email of your contract signature sent to your Mines email titled ‘Residence Hall Housing Contract 2024-2025′. If you have not received this email, return to the Housing Portal, select your Residence Halls Application, and continue through the prompts to sign your contract. We encourage you to review this document with a trusted adult before signing.
  3. Label everything (bags/boxes/large items/etc.) with your Name, Building Name, and Room Number clearly written in large, bold marker. For example: Jane Smith, Morgan Hall 313. This is really important to help us get your items to your room! It is recommended that you also add a phone number in case anything gets misplaced!
  4. Make sure the people accompanying you on your move-in day know your building and room number so they can find you! Residence Life works to keep you and your information private and secure. Out of an abundance of caution, we may not be able to tell your parents/guests where you live if they ask us.
  5. Each student is allowed to have 2 personal helpers to assist in move-in, and only ONE vehicle per resident in the drop-off and unloading areas. More folks may accompany you to campus, but please ask your additional guests to park and walk to your building. Any additional vehicles must be parked in exterior parking lots and may not join the lines to drop-off /unload at your residence hall. We are welcoming 1500+ students to campus, so please be mindful of your neighbors also trying to move in!
Shipping Items to Campus

Students who wish to ship their belongings to campus prior to moving in MUST ensure that their belongings arrive to campus on August 10th or after. Shipments that arrive before August 10th will be returned to sender.

Do not address packages to your Residence Hall’s physical address. Please use the following address:

Student’s First & Last Name
Colorado School of Mines
Student’s Residence Hall and Room #
1301 19th St.
Golden, CO 80401

Please note that all mail and packages for the Residence Halls arrive at Mines’ Central Receiving before being delivered to each community. The Distribution Services staff makes ONE delivery to each of the Residence Halls on each business day (Monday through Friday). Due to the delivery schedule and the increased number of packages we are expecting, we ask that you plan accordingly and are patient when waiting for your packages. We strongly encourage you to bring all essentials with you on your move-in day (bedding/sheets, toiletries, etc.) and that you do not ship the items that you will need on the day of your move-in. We cannot guarantee that your packages will be delivered to your community by your move-in day.

You may not go directly to Central Receiving to pick up your packages. You must wait until the packages arrive at your Residence Hall and our desk staffs log your package for pickup. You will receive an email to your Mines email when your package is available to be picked up at your front desk.

Once Your Arrive On Campus
  1. You will check in at your Residence Hall. You will find plenty of signage and Mines staff directing traffic to each residence hall. This page has instructions to get you to your residence hall.
  2. Go directly to your hall and park briefly in an unloading zone. Only ONE (1) car per resident is permitted to park in the drop-off and unloading zone at your residence hall. Cars may not be parked or left unattended in the unloading zone. A member of your party must stay with the car at all times while in the unloading zone.
  3. You (the student) will head towards the check-in area to pick up the keys and other important items (we have lots to give you; please come empty-handed!). Staff, volunteers, and signs will point you toward your community’s check-in. At check-in you will need a government-issued photo ID (or your Blastercard if you have it!), and you will need to have your Campus-Wide ID number (CWID) available.
  4. Your family/helpers will work with volunteers at the car to unpack all the items to the new room. We will provide blue rolling bins to help move. Make sure all items are labeled with the student’s name, room and building number, and a contact phone number. Make sure the guests helping you move know your room number.
  5. After checking in, you may go directly to your room. The volunteers will join you with your belongings.
  6. When your vehicle is empty, your family/helpers will move the car to the long-term parking areas and the guests can meet the student in their room.

Apartment Communities

1750 Jackson & Mines Park

Earliest Move-In Dates:

Mines Park Apartments – August 1, 2024

1750 Jackson Street – August 12, 2024

The above dates are the earliest dates that residents may move into the apartment communities; however, students are not requires to move in on these dates. Direct communication about move-in procedures for 1750 Jackson and Mines Park will be shared with students this summer via email and on this webpage. Please continue checking back here for updates!